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Marco Blayne Thunders Arena full neslon bodyscissors

Marco vs Blayne - No Holds Barred 76

$ 25.95

Blayne wrestled in high school and at 165lbs he thinks he is a bad ass wrestler who ran his mouth off behind the scenes at Thunder's.  Marco heard what he was saying and at 200lbs he is feeling bigger and more of the "enforcer" of respect here at Thunder's.  The two shredded athletes begin their battle trading powerful punches to the chiseled midsection. Back and forth, the impressive specimens throw each other into the arena wall, burying their fists into their opponents rock hard abs, as if they're trying to prove who has the superior six pack. As Blayne begin to wear Marco down, Marco takes control, grabbing a bearhug to attempt to squeeze a submission out of Blayne. The two roll across the mat, exchanging holds and takedowns in a true test of technical skills, with Marco locking in a bodyscissors from behind, and weakening Blayne with a blow to the chest before grabbing a seated full nelson. Soon, Blayne manages to fight his way out, landing some punches to the ribs before going behind and grabbing Marco in a full nelson, and hoisting him into the air before bringing him down onto a knee for a backbreaker submission hold. Soon, the technical contest begins to unravel into a violent beatdown as Marco lands a shot below the belt, then takes Blayne down to the mat, wrapping his legs up over his head in a painful submission hold! The two square off again, with Blayne still hurting from the low blow earlier on. Fighting through the pain and with tempers running high, Blayne scoops Marco up over head and slams him to the ground below. after some more back and forth action, Marco takes Blaynes legs out from under him and mounts him from behind, wrapping him into a violent and punishing body scissors/armlock combo and tying him up into a painful submission hold. The two wrestle back and forth some more, growing more and more aggressive and frustrated as they each try to gain the upper hand. Trapping Marcos head in between his powerful thighs, Blayne squeezes with all of his power, while flexing his rock hard abs and showing off for the camera. Feeling more in control, Blayne rides Marco down to the mat, locking in the headscissors even tighter. Evenly matched, Marco manages to slide out of the hold, grabbing a vice-like waistlock on the mat, and then actually pulling Blaynes arm up between his legs and lifting him upside down for a brutal pump handle submission hold. Marco continues to punish Blayne with a variety of torturous submission holds, before mounting his opponent and locking in a bodyscissors and pulling back on both arms, stretching and pulling at Blaynes muscular chest. The two break apart briefly before exchanging holds and pinning combinations on the mat, each battling to regain the upper hand. As they make it back to their feet, Marco grabs Blayne is a bearhug, squeezing with all the power of his muscular arms and chest. Blayne reverses the hold with a go behind into a reverse bearhug, reaching around Marcos torso and locking his hands together over his granite six pack. It's a true battle of the bearhugs as Marco grabs another bearhug of his own, weakening Blayne before hosting him up overhead in an impressive gorilla press! Holding him high above the mat and letting him think about the pain coming him way, Marco throws Blayne down to the ground and grabs him in a brutal sleeper hold. With these two as evenly matched as they are, will Blayne be able to fight his way out of this predicament, or will Marcos onslaught of muscled up punishment prove too much to beat this time around?