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Marco vs Bolt - No Holds Barred 49

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

#1 Best Seller 2015

The new kid Bolt is busy pumping himself up and lifting weights in the arena. He then starts to strip down and show off his rock body. Marco comes into the arena and starts lifting the weights himself. Not to be outdone he wants to show off his huge muscles as well. Marco’s stretching out after his lifting and Bolt comes in to start teasing him. The guys are teasing each other before their match begins. These are both college wrestlers and they get right into some low mat grappling. These guys are both experienced and good wrestlers and they’re a great match for each other. Marco’s getting tired of just rolling and flipping around on the match, so he goes in for the cheap shot and gets a nut shot in on Bolt. They aren’t in college anymore and they have no rules to follow! Bolt’s in pain but he’s not going to give up that easily. He gets Marco into a schoolboy pin and rubs himself on Marco’s face. Marco isn’t too happy about that and flips out of it, and pins Bolt down to the ground. Marco isn’t going to let him out until he hears Bolt scream that he loves balls in his face!! These guys are taking a bit of a break and start stripping down each other’s uniforms to flex and show off for each other. They get back to work starting out in a referee’s position, and Marco gets Bolt into a painful full nelson. Bolt’s trying to flex out of it but Marco’s grip is too strong. After some more struggling Bolt manages to break free and flips Marco over, to start punishing him from behind for all the cheap shots he’s been taking. He then takes Marco and puts him into body scissors and starts absolutely crushing him! He rips off the rest of Marco’s uniform and keeps on the attack. He starts to pin Marco down and put his own balls in his face. After some more grappling, Marco’s got the advantage again and takes his time to strip down the rest of Bolts uniform. He’s got Bolt bent back into a painful pin, Bolt’s screaming in pain and Marco’s just enjoying his squirming and struggling. Once Bolt breaks free, the two guys are all stripped down to their underwear and the real fun begins! Marco picks Bolt up into a fireman’s carry and slams him to the ground. Bolt tries picking him up into one in return, and afterwards gets him down a real tight full nelson, making Marco stretch all the way back and he’s just fighting back the pain. After Marco breaks free, he picks Bolt up into a seriously painful bearhug. He’s crushing Bolt so hard until Bolt’s screaming for mercy! He then drops Bolt onto his knee into a back breaker, stretching him out as far as he can go! This is no holds barred match to the max! Two well matched college wrestlers going all out against each other, they take any opportunity they can get to get an advantage over the other, match is full of cheap moves and nut shots. Who’s going to come out on top? Buy today and find out.