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Brian Cage head lock Marco body scissors abs

Marco vs Brian Cage - Mat Wars 46

$ 31.25

Neither of these two or strangers to trash talk and they prove it in the opening sequence of this match. Marco calls Brian Cage fat and goes on and on about his conditioning while Brian Cage insults the (lack of) size of his smaller counterpart. The two show off their phenomenal physiques with side by side flexing and pose downs.

Brian traps Marco in a bearhug and Marcos face turns red from the squeeze and embarrassment. The big man keeps up the punishment with head locks and an arm bar that looks like it will dislocate his opponents joint.

The punishment is relentless as Marco tries to fight back, but Brian is just too big and too powerful. He easily manhandles the as-yet undefeated trash talker, Marco and shows his power with a firemans carry and then to add insult to injury, holds Marco in his arms and rocks him like a baby before seemingly easing him back to the mat. But its a rouse and Brian actually puts him in an over-the-knee back breaker.

As Marco slowly pulls himself together and tries to regain his footing, he his again assaulted by Brian Cages massive frame. Brian tortures Marco with a surf board and camel clutch, testing the flexibility of his small rival as his veins bulge in his huge biceps.

Marco eventually gets to his feet, only to be thrown back to the mat time and time again by Brian, who uses his bulk to his advantage. But Marco isnt that easily defeated and manages to get Brian off his feet when he attempts a front headlock. Seeing The huge mass of Brian being held aloft by the smaller but ripped Marco is truly impressive.

Brian exacts his revenge by putting Marco in a long series of pressure locks, trying to make him submit. Marco finally gives in when Brians figure four is unrelenting and he taps out.

Brian Cage keeps displaying his power as he choke lifts Marco then stretches his him out in an ab stretch that looks both painful and impressive as it showcases Marco ripped physique. Marco rallies though, and holds his own against the massive pro wrestler as they exhibit their mat skills. But Marco slips on the sweat on the mat and loses his advantage.

See how this battle between these two undefeated trash-talkers ends up. Is it the small, fast and shredded Marco or the massive, experienced pro, Brian Cage?

Buy the match to find out.