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Marco vs Cap - Mat Rats 99

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Marco in the heel shirt is set to take on Cap in the jobber shirt. Marco tells Cap he's got the little bitch shirt. Cap says he could fill out the heel shirt better. The two take off their shirts revealing almost the same blue star trunks. They lock up, and the match is on! Cap gets Marco in a headlock. Both rolll around trying to take control, and Cap's balls are REALLY hit in the process! The match takes a time out. Marco asks Cap if he wants to forfeit, but Cap is able to recover. He calls Cap his "submissive jobber," and they lock up again. These two are SERIOUSLY going at it trying to take control, and both are out of breath. Marco straddles Cap's back pinning him to the mat demanding an apology for wearing the same trunks. Cap refuses to give in and bearhugs Marco from behind. Cap locks in a full nelson, but Marco breaks the hold with a ball claw. He puts Cap in an over the knee back breaker then sits on Marco's chest pinning his legs. Marco crushes Cap's balls with his foot until Cap admit he's a better wrestler. Cap gives in. Marco picks up Cap in a TORTURE RACK calling him his little bitch! Cap gives in again admitting he's a jobber. The heel puts Cap in a rear bearhug then a standing head scissors. Cap breaks out with a ball claw, straddles Marco, asking, "Who's the big man now?" He then stomps on Marco's chest and head scissors him back! Marco takes Cap down with a low blow then puts Cap in a sleeper. He pushes Cap against the wall and gut punches his abs. Cap breaks out, bearhugs Marco from behind, but is taken down by another ball claw. Marco bearhugs Cap then delivers a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! He puts Cap in a head scissors then ball claws his victim again. Marco isn't done and CHOKE LIFTS Cap!! He carries Cap on one shoulder and throws him to the ground. Marco isn't done yet, picks Cap up in a fireman's carry, OVERHEAD PRESSES Cap in the air, then throws him to the mat! The match ends with one wrestler begging for mercy and being put to sleep. Will it be Marco the Heel or Cap the Jobber? Buy this match to find out!!