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Marco Casey grapple wrestle abs thighs

Marco vs Casey More - No Holds Barred 57

$ 25.95

Marco’s feeling lazy again today, he’s not very much in the mood to wrestle another newbie, he says he’s ready to kick some ass quick and get out. Casey is new to Thunder’s arena and has always been a fan of wrestling, but doesn’t have a whole lot of experience, he’s excited and ready to try throwing Marco around, and maybe even get thrown around some too. Casey’s 185 pounds of sculpted muscle, but he’s still rather impressed by Marco’s toned physique. Casey spends some time getting to know his opponent, feeling out all of Marco’s ripped muscles, he’s very impressed at the size and tone, and can’t get enough of feeling them. Marco gets bored after awhile and decides he wants to start wrestling, Casey is excited at the prospect. They begin grappling around on the mat, and Casey is holding his own against the experience Marco! They’re throwing each other around and Casey is taking any chance he can spare to feel up on Marco’s muscles. Marco’s struggling to get Casey into a firm hold to pin Casey down and stop his wandering hands. These guys are grappling hard trying to get a firm handle, maneuvering between head scissors and choke holds, but both guys are quick enough to stop any firm pins being made. Marco is finally able to flip Casey onto his back and get him into his signature schoolboy pin. Marco’s got Casey down in a firm hold finally and Casey is loving the view. Marco quickly realizes this and decides it’s time to switch it up and put some more painful moves on Casey. He gets Casey standing up and drops him down across his knee into a painful backbreaker. Casey is not loving this view as much, he’s screaming in pain while Marco is pushing down breaking his back even harder. He drops Casey down to the mat and waits for him to recover before gripping him into a tight bearhug. Marco catches an unfortunate grip and allows Casey to bearhug him back, the two guys are interlocked into a bearhug contest! Who can squeeze the hardest? They’re taking turns lifting one another up and crushing as hard as they can, hoping the other will give out first. Marco is able to maneuver himself out of the dual bearhug grip first and then tosses Casey down to the mat and starts to suffocate him in a head scissors. Marco’s laying there crushing Casey’s head in his thighs while relaxing, flexing for the camera and show off his muscles. After a long match of two strong, evenly matched guys, who will come out on top? Will Casey’s quick moves and evasion prove too much for Marco? Or will the superiorly toned Marco show the new guy Casey the beatdowns he has to look forward to at Thunders?