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Gay Porn star Max Warner gets bear hugged from behind by Marco at Thunders arena wrestling

Marco vs Cason - No Holds Barred 107

$ 34.75

Perfect.  That’s how Mr Mike described our newest recruit when he first saw him, and we think you’ll agree!  Hailing from the same town as Steel and Jake (what the heck do they feed them there?!), Cason is just about as perfect a specimen as you’ll get!

For his debut match, he’s facing Marco – arguably Thunder’s top superstar!  And it’s No Holds Barred – Cason is nothing if not brave!  Cason wears some seriously-straining yellow trunks, whilst Marco is in his signature blue.  Marco starts in on the trash talk, trying to intimidate the new guy.  “I know you’re friends with Steel – you guys don’t know how to wrestle, you just flex and have freakishly big legs!”  Well, Marco, you certainly got the last bit right!  “Do you even know how to wrestle?” Marco asks the tanned musclehunk.  “I know how to grapple, how to manhandle.”  Yeah, Cason is not one to be intimidated easily!  A quick slap of hands and the match is on!  The two men lock up, with Cason going low.  Marco keeps right there with him, going down to the mat.  Cason moves with a speed that belies his size, but Marco definitely knows his way around the mat!  The two men grapple, each hunting for a way to seize the advantage.  Cason finally manages to get Marco down, using his weight advantage – but Marco manages to escape!  Breathing comes heavy as the fast-paced grappling continues, Cason’s body glistening with sweat.  Breaking apart for a slight breather, Marco decides to slow things down a little – the two lock up again and Marco fires in with a ball claw!  Cason crumples to his knees as Marco looks on.  The veteran superstar stalks his prey as Cason recovers, but Marco doesn’t intend to give him that chance!  He pulls Cason up for another lock-up, confidently telling Cason what he’s going to do next and that he won’t be able to defend it.  Marco oozes with self-assured arrogance, which is only fuelled when he does exactly that and pulls Cason’s leg into a Stump-Puller – Cason grimaces in pain as his thick hamstring is pulled taut in the agonising hold!  Marco switches to a Bow & Arrow, stretching the muscleman out HARD before moving to a cross-arm bar.  He keeps up the attack, battering Cason’s incredible abs and crushing his head in a scissors.  Marco finally puts the tanned musclegod out of his misery with a clinically-precise sleeper hold – Cason goes out!

This match is far from over though – Marco has won the battle, but there’s still a war to be fought!  The veteran wakes the rookie up in the worst way – with another vicious ball claw!  Cason hauls himself to his feet, only for Marco to shoot a kick to his midsection and slap on a Rear Bearhug!  Cason’s muscle is on full display as Marco squeezes the air out of the bodybuilder’s lungs!  But another Ball Claw is one too many and Cason snaps!  He lunges at Marco, wrapping him up in a Full Nelson!  “Damn, who taught you that?!” Cason tosses Marco aside like so much trash before clamping on a Standing Headscissors!  Cason’s quads FLARE out as he pours on the pressure!  Marco’s face is framed by thick thighs as the rookie crushes the veteran!  Cason treats the fans to a show, flexing for the camera as he squeezes!  Cason decides to pay Marco back for the earlier humiliation, lifting him over his shoulder and doing squats!  Then Marco finds himself trapped in a bodybuilder bearhug as Cason hauls him off the mat!  But Marco still has some dirty moves in his arsenal!

Can Cason capitalise and score what would be a MASSIVE upset over the veteran superstar?  Or will Marco’s mat skill and experience seal the fate of another rookie?  One thing’s for sure, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen!  An awesome debut from Cason – this one will keep you coming back again and again!