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Marco cub abs chest pecs leg leglock submission hold

Marco vs Cub - Mat Rats 52

$ 22.22
$ 25.95


Battle of the Star Spangled Shorts! 
This match was cut short at 17 minutes due to a real life injury, but it is full of action! Thunder's veteran Marco and new rookie Cub walk in with the same trunks on! "These are my sexy Captain America wrestling trunks! I look way better in these!" Marco yells as he takes Cub down to the mat. "Hairy ass little cubby bear!" The rookie breaks away and pins Marco's arms from behind. "Now whose laughing asshole?" Cub tries to carry Marco to the bathroom to change, but he escapes.
Cub calls Marco a fat asshole! "Is that why they call you Cub, with your girly beard and hairy legs?" They tie up. Marco gets Cub in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "All you gotta do is change your shorts!" He picks Cub up in a rear bearhug. "Winner gets to wear their shorts to the beach!" says Marco. "It's gonna be me!" says Cub. Marco gets a takedown and straddles Cub. "Lets go! Come on!" orders the veteran. "Take your shorts off fatty!" says Cub. 
Cub gets Marco in a full nelson, but he easily breaks away and lifts the rookie in a FIREMAN'S CARRY. Cub escapes, charges in, and bearhugs Marco taking him down. "How about I throw you in that fan and give you a haircut?" says Cub. The rookie makes fun of the veteran's hair calling him "big bird." Both musclemen tie up again. Marco easily lifts Cub on his shoulders parading him around the mat. 
He picks up Cub's HAIRY leg. "Told you to shave those legs before we go to the beach! No one wants to see this!" says Marco. He trips Cub to the mat and straddles his back. "Shave that Cub beard off!" Marco locks Cub in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissor. "Do something!" orders the veteran. 
Both get back up. Marco picks Cub up and BODYSLAMS him on the couch. The rookie falls to the mat. Marco straddles the newbie, "There we go little guy. Give up yet? These puny little biceps!" Marco headlocks Cub saying he's got a pink banana hammock for him to wear. 
The veteran gives Cub a break, then GUT PUNCHES him down, and straddles his chest. "Fatty!" moans Cub. Marco headlocks the rookie then rolls him in a TIGHT cradle. He puts Cub in a body scissor then leg lock. "I will break your hairy ass leg if you don't give!" yells Marco. "You can't hurt me!" Cub calls the veteran a pussy. Marco sits on his legs YANKING back on his arms. "Captain America is way better than you!" moans Cub. "I'm way better than Captain America!" answers Marco. 
Cub recovers and starts GUT PUNCHING Marco. Marco picks the rookie up and slams him to the mat, "Let me punch your little two pack!" Cub retaliates and GUT PUNCHES back, which do nothing against Marco's ripped six pack. The veteran picks up the rookie in a FIREMAN'S CARRY and squats him. 
Marco goes for a gut punch and DISLOCATES his knee cap TEARING his meniscus. The match is forced to end. Don't let that stop you from seeing it. Fans of Marco, you will not be disappointed!