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Marco vs Diesel - Battlespace 18B

Marco vs Diesel - Battlespace 18B

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

Marco vs Diesel

Diesel interrupted the Marco Sebastian match, and since then Marco has been a huge Diesel fan! He wants to learn everything from Diesel but does some bad stuff to get Diesel's attention. Once they get on the mat Diesel starts to school him in a powerful camel clutch, smashin his face into the mat, and a choke hold where Diesel lifts him off the mat and carries him around the mat. Diesel drops him then stalks him using his foot to knock Marco back to the mat when he tries to get up without permission. Marco gets pissed and a great exchange of gut punches back and forth between these fighters happens. Marco catches Diesel off guard slamming the powerhouse to his back. Diesel pops up and goes right back into gut punching and Diesel starts to laugh at Marco right to his face! Diesel hates getting choked, so he gets revenge by repeating a couple slams into the mat after each choke on Marco. More bearhugs, head scissors, and other submission moves as he begins yanking limbs behind him and putting him in headlocks. Marco breaks free and has a short offense, putting Diesel in a surfboard, and then a boston crab. Diesel body slams Marco back a couple times to wear him down and hip tosses him a couple times and then puts Marco into a mean over the shoulder rack, squatting him, while walking around with Marco on his back, and then squatting Marco while screaming, "You Submit!!"