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Marco vs Dirty Daddy - Ring Wars 05 (No Holds Barred)

$ 34.75

Thunder's Arena is proud to announce a new series... RING WARS!

Marco drives up and parks his truck and is pulled from the cab by Dirty Daddy, demanding his money. Dirty Daddy drags Marco into the building and throws him into the ring, beginning an all out assault. DD begins with a sleeper, but abandons it for something more aggressive and give a couple kicks to Marco's ribs before taking his own shirt off and choking Marco with it. Dirty drags Marco to a corner where he stomps him in the chest repeatedly, grabs his ankle and pulls Marco back out to the center of the ring, while stripping his shorts from his body. Dirty is relentless and begins a painful series of joint locks, torturing Marco's arms. DD is so confident that he is the superior wrestler, that he takes some time to flex and pose while torturing Marco's arm. Dirty releases Marco, who quickly gets to his feet, much to the disdain of Dirty Daddy who asks him, "You got more in you? So you're a real wrestler huh?". Dirty Daddy then drops down into referee's position and Marco covers him, quickly rolling DD onto his back. But Dirty isn't giving in that easily and reverses the move and manages to both choke Marco and get his arm into a painful lock. DD gives Marco the choice, "choked out or break an arm?" Dirty switches things up with body scissors and and a sleeper, making Marco's face turn a bright red, then purple. Dirty keeps up the torture with a head scissors and then grabs a fist full of hair, steering Marco around the ring before pushes back to the canvas. Marco is helpless as he is dragged to the corner and draped over the top ropes in a tree of woe by DD who climbs the ropes and places his foot squarely on Marco's crotch. Dirty jumps back down into the ring and slingshots himself off the ropes, building momentum for a drop kick, which lands in the center of Marco's chest.