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Marco bearhug Dozer lift carry arms

Marco vs Dozer Part 2 - Mat Wars 63

$ 31.25

Dozer’s working out in the back by the pool, pumping his arms with a resistance band, when Marco comes walking in. Marco starts laughing at and making fun of Dozer, Marco uses real weights when he’s working out. Dozer just laughs at him, he doesn’t know how to work out properly since Dozer is clearly the more muscular of the two. He starts teaching Marco some good workouts to do with the resistance band and Marco’s excited to learn, he needs more muscle, he’s trying to bulk up right now. These guys get into a long workout and flexing session. Dozer’s giving Marco all his tips on flexing and bodybuilding, when Marco starts saying that that’s the wimpy stuff, wrestling is where it’s all at. Marco makes the bet that if he can beat Marco in wrestling he’ll win Dozer’s resistance band and Dozer will coach him into those bodybuilding muscles. Dozer is excited for the challenge and the two get right to it. Dozer picks Marco up into a rack, he wants to show off how he’s not only ripped but really strong too. Marco is unimpressed talking about how all Dozer wants to do is flex. He comes up behind Dozer to start showing off some real wrestling moves, pulling his shoulders hard up into a full nelson. When Dozer is laughing it off Marco flips around to yank Dozer into a crushing bearhug. They start flexing again, making fun of each other, these guys are both big trash talkers and they’re playing off of one another, making jabs at the others physique. Marco’s finally had enough and goes in to put Dozer into a headlock and force him down onto the mat. He mounts Dozer and starts flexing, when Dozer begins flexing from being pinned. That pisses Marco off and so he wraps around Dozer and lifts him all the way up into the air for a bearhug. Playtimes over, these guys have been joking around with each other for awhile now and Dozer’s starting to get bored, he’s ready to end this. He picks Marco up by the neck and starts strangling the life out of him. He’s all go now, and Marco is at his mercy. He drops Marco to the mat and puts him into a headlock, the wraps his legs around Marco into a head scissors. Dozer’s got huge legs and he’s trying to pop Marco’s head off. He starts taunting Marco with the resistance band before finally letting him go. This pisses Marco off and he’s ready to wrestle for real too. Now that both of these seasoned wrestlers are pumped and ready to go, who’s going to walk away with the champion’s resistance belt?