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Marco vs Duke - Mat Rats 83

Marco vs Duke - Mat Rats 83

$ 31.25

Since Duke arrived at Thunder’s Arena, he’s been turning a lot of heads with his impressive physique, mat skills and those outstanding glutes!  Marco has heard of this latest upstart and demanded a match!

Dispensing with any talk, these two physical specimens lock up with Marco getting the advantage, trapping Duke’s arm in a hammer lock.  Marco (in incredibly well-fitting red & blue trunks) capitalises, pulling Duke off balance and brining him down over his knee in a backbreaker!  They lock up again and Duke strikes out like lightning, getting behind Marco and trapping his arm, forcing the fan-favourite to his knees!  A choke from Duke becomes a headlock, but Marco escapes and captures Duke in his favourite Schoolboy Pin!  Marco pulls Duke up and tries to throw him, but Duke blocks the hold and slaps on a front face lock!  Marco falls back on his old tricks, berating Duke’s mat skills before clamping on a Full Nelson!  When Duke flexes out of that, Marco switches lower to a rear bear hug, lifting the musclestud off the mat!  Marco’s red and blue trunks are working to contain his muscular glutes as he pins Duke with a cradle!

On their feet, Duke goes for a single leg takedown, but Marco shows off his immense skill, converting it to a spladle!  Duke finds himself on his back, with his legs being ripped apart!  They get back to their feet and this time Marco goes for (and achieves!) the single leg, but Duke brings him down to the mat.  He can’t capitalise though and Marco turns the tables on him again!  Duke goes for a cradle of his own, but Marco resists the pin and escapes! Duke again goes for the single leg takedown and this time gets it – Marco finds himself pinned with Duke’s knees digging hard into his biceps!  Duke flexes in celebration, but he’s reckoned without Marco’s dirty tricks – quick as a flash, Marco lashes out, grabbing Duke’s balls and shoving him off! “Did that hurt?”  Marco goes low, tripping Duke to the mat and going right back to attacking his balls!  Somehow Duke manages to get behind Marco and wraps his arms around for a rear bearhug, hauling him up and off the mat!  Duke clamps on a vice-like Full Nelson, driving Marco to his knees as he presses down!

Another lock up and Marco takes Duke down to the mat, mounting him and driving blows into his midsection!  Duke answers with a shot to Marco’s balls!  “That was dirty!”  Seriously, Marco?!  Now the gloves are off and Marco is mad!  The mat becomes slick with the sweat of these two gladiators as they lay into each other.  Takedowns, chokes, gutpunches, pins, chinlocks, headlocks, scissors and a Boston Crab!

There is definitely no love lost between these two as they battle to put the other away!  Can Duke upset the veteran and claim a victory?  Or will Marco manage to make the stubborn stud submit?  A battle that goes right down to the final, devastating submission – add this to your collection today!