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Marco vs Eagle - Ring Wars 56

Marco vs Eagle - Ring Wars 56

$ 25.95

Eagles been away for a whole year, Marco is going to show him what a year off can do, he shoves eagle across the ring, than their off, they grapple and than marco pulls eagle in for a big bear hug, eagle tries to get out of it but marco is full of confidence today and has a big smile to show it. he tosses eagle into the turnbuckle and delivers some gut turning stomach punches,  and a knee to the stomach! this makes eagle topple over in pain, making marco celebrate a small victory as he sits over eagle and flexes his massive arms, he puts him in a body scissor and delivers more massive blows to his stomach, distracted by the pain marco sits on top of him and flexes more, he gets him in a schoolboy pin, Eagle tries to get out of it but only traps himself more! He tried to push Marco off with his legs, but Marco grabs them and makes the pin much tighter, taunting Eagle. Marco switches the schoolboy pin to a head scissor and lays back and enjoys the view of watching Eagle struggle, but he relaxed way to soon Eagle delivers a crushing ball claw!