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Marco vs Finn McCool - Vegas Battles 24

Marco vs Finn McCool - Vegas Battles 24

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

On a hotel balcony, overlooking the city, Finn throws Marco out into the Vegas night, telling him to never disrespect him again!  There is no preamble, no trash talk, just straight into the match!  Marco slugs Finn in the midsection, causing him to double over and leave him wide open for a headlock.  Marco takes Finn to the mat, following him down and landing blow after blow to his abs!  Marco is pummelling the daylights out of Finn!  Before McCool can recover, Marco straddles his head for a reclining standing headscissor.  Intent on doling out more punishment, Marco pulls Finn up into a rear bearhug before hammering his arms and clamping on a choke hold!  Finn is struggling for breath as Marco sinks it in HARD!  Marco uses the balcony as ring ropes, trapping Finn in them and again assaulting his abs!  Then Finn finds himself in a figure 4 leglock, followed by a spine-crushing Boston Crab!  What went down between these two to warrant this?!

Marco continues his assault on Finn, trapping him on his front and using his hair to pull Finn’s head back and off the mat!  Finn’s face is a mask of agony as he’s manhandled – this was not what he had planned!  Marco wraps his powerful legs around Finn for a rib-shattering bodyscissor, but Finn refuses to give!  Marco drags Finn up into an over-the-knee backbreaker, Finn desperately grabbing for the rails for some support!  A spladle from Marco has Finn complete immobilised, but Marco slips and Finn manages to escape!  The two lock up with Marco getting behind Finn and slapping on a Full Nelson!  Marco literally takes Finn to the edge, pushing him right up against the railings to show off his dominance before throwing him back to the mat.  Finn clutches his back in pain as Marco flexes and poses for the camera (and himself!).  Finn takes his time to recover, prompting Marco to ask if something is wrong – but Finn was playing possum!  He lashes out with a shot to Marco’s balls, bringing the musclehunk to the mat!  Now it’s Finn’s turn to flex as Marco recovers!  Finn straddles Marco’s back, pulling him up into a camel clutch and choke.  A rear bearhug has Marco grimacing as Finn tightens his grip!  Switching to a front bearhug, Finn pours everything he can into the hold, crushing Marco in a revenge vice!  Marco tries desperately to escape, but Finn is relentless!  Marco tries to claw at Finn’s pecs, his shoulders, anywhere he can!  Marco starts hammering blows down on Finn’s back, forcing him to release.  Marco is furious, kicking Finn down before landing a VICIOUS shot to Finn’s balls!  Marco plants his foot on Finn’s trunks, crushing down on his manhood – this match just got dirty!  A humiliating schoolboy pin from Marco has Finn seeking revenge in the form of a nasty arm bar / scissor combo!

Will Finn prevail over the dirtiest wrestler on the roster?  Or will Marco make it a Vegas night to remember?  Scissors, bow & arrow, tree of woe (on the balcony!), gut bashing, camel clutch and more!  A final sleeper hold seals the fate of one of these fan favourites!  Add this Vegas battle to your collection today!