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Marco vs Flaco - No Holds Barred 81

Marco vs Flaco - No Holds Barred 81

$ 39.95

What was Flaco thinking?  Feeling that today’s the day for breaking his losing streak, Flaco is back to take on resident bad boy Marco!  As if that wasn’t enough, it’s NO HOLDS BARRED!

Marco, in new squarecuts, locks up with Flaco, immediately manhandling him up and over his shoulder.  Marco can’t believe this – “This is adorable – they put you up against me?!”  Flaco lunges in and Marco scoops him up, flipping him upside down and slamming him down on the mat!  Flaco goes for another lock up, but find himself caught in Marco’s front face lock.  Marco switches to a rear bear hug, pinning Flaco’s arms to his side and SQUEEZING hard!  You can almost hear Flaco’s ribs snapping as he tries in vain to escape!  Marco slams Flaco down over his knee in a backbreaker, flexing his biceps before shoving Flaco onto the mat.  “You know you can forfeit, right?”  Marco is enjoying his dominance over Flaco, but Flaco refuses to tap out!  Marco catches Flaco between his thighs, squeezing his ribs, adding a vicious jaw lock for good measure!  Marco is telling Flaco the details as he brutally applies the painful hold!  Marco releases the jaw lock to switch to an arm-wrenching chicken wing – Flaco is in serious agony!  Marco rolls them over, riding Flaco into the mat before pulling him up into a nasty Camel Clutch!  Marco’s huge muscles bulge as he pulls back on Flaco’s head!  But still Flaco refuses to give up!

Marco is ruthless in his domination, even telling Flaco what he’s going to do before he does it!  The sadistic superstar wraps Flaco’s legs around his own for a crippling Figure 4 leglock!  Flaco is defiant – “Why don’t you put some real pressure on iaaaghhh!”  Marco cranks the hold, but it’s not enough to get the submission so he releases the leglock and slaps on a spladle!  Flaco is trapped and twisted like a pretzel! Marco tightens the hold, but the limber Flaco absorbs the pain – Marco instead drops the hold and shoves Flaco’s head between his waiting quads!  Then something dawns on Marco – “Oh I forgot, this is no holds barred, right?”  Marco’s quads bulge as he crushes Flaco’s head between the massive cords of muscle, but that’s not enough – Marco clamps on a ball claw as well!  Flaco screams as Marco shows off his strength, lifting Flaco up high over his head before stretching him out on his wide back!

Marco is only just starting on what he’s got planned for Flaco – he bullies Flaco with takedowns, ball claws, racks, hammer locks, smothers, pec claws, gorilla press, even an over-the-shoulder back breaker!  Marco’s signature schoolboy pin has Flaco trapped and staring up as Marco flexes and poses before switching to a headscissors.  Marco is out to humiliate Flaco, smothering him in his armpit as he claws his balls!  But Flaco has still not given in – what does Marco have to do?

Can Flaco hold on and upset the musclehunk?  Or will Marco find Flaco’s breaking point and force him to submit?  This is a match of heart and spirit vs muscle and skill.  Who wins?  You do!