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Marco vs FREAK - No Holds Barred 53

$ 22.22
$ 25.00


Battle for the Penthouse
Marco in his robe is enjoying the penthouse life! He walks in his bedroom to find the 6'3" 240lbs Freak relaxing in his chair. "What are you doing here? Get out of my room!" Freak is not intimidated, "I do what I want! You gonna make me?" Marco is pissed, "Take my robe off, why you wearing my robe?" Freak flexes, "I fill it out better!" Marco disrobes flexing his six pack abs. This match is on!
Marco lifts the giant in a tight bearhug. "Is that all you got? Think you're strong!" Marco attempts a full nelson, but Freak backs out of it with his muscular glutes. "Feel like falling 51 floors today?" asks Marco. They tie up. Freak gets a take down then lifts Marco in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug. "Big tree!" moans Marco. 
"That's it!" Marco pushes Freak on the bed. Both wrestlers get in a pillow fight and roll around the bed trying to pin each other. "Embrace what a real man smells like!" says Freak. "Get that one pack off me, blubber! Marco straddles Freak pinning him down on the bed. "Let's make some jam with these berries!" Freak ball claws Marco as he screams in pain. "You want some berries?" Marco breaks away, grinds his balls in Freak's face, and head scissors the giant!
Freak escapes, head scissors, and ball claws him back! Marco CHOKES Freak with the belt from his robe dragging him into the bathroom. He takes a time out to fix his hair and let's Freak go. "Don't worry I'll be back for you in a second!"
"You ready for this? You've been hiding in the bathroom Justin Bieber!" mocks Freak. Marco tells Freak he needs a tan, and the match heads to the rooftop deck. He pushes Freak into the pool, and they lock up. Both try drowning each other and are in and out of the pool using bearhugs and fireman's carries. Marco RKO's Freak into the water. "I'm coming after you little boy!"
Ab stretches, gut punches, ball claws, and sleepers! Who will be kicked out of the penthouse for good? You gotta see it to believe it!