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Marco vs Iceman18 - Mat Rats 90

Marco vs Iceman18 - Mat Rats 90

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

“You’ll be calling me Daddy at the end of this”

It’s become a Thunder’s rite of passage – every new wrestler, every fresh recruit, every pumped-up muscleboy, they all eventually have to face Marco on the mats and today it’s Iceman18’s turn!

Marco (in his signature tiny blue trunks) starts in on the mind games straight away, introducing Iceman18 as “someone who doesn’t know how to wrestle” and this this “will be easy”.  To his credit, Iceman18 isn’t intimidate, initiating a lock-up to get the match underway!  Iceman18 goes low, but Marco counters, lifting the rookie off the mat.  Marco takes them down to the mat, but Iceman18 manages to wrap his legs around the bodybuilder for a scissor!  Marco responds by flexing his biceps in a show of arrogant defiance, but Iceman18 tightens the hold, pulling Marco in.  There’s no submission yet though, so Iceman18 releases and they lock-up once more.  This time Marco goes low right away, tripping Iceman18 to the mat.  Marco goes for a Boston Crab, noting Iceman18’s impressive legs.  “You must have been a soccer player or somethin’”  “Sure was!”  Iceman18 wriggles out of the hold before Marco can apply it, but he’s not out of the woods yet – Marco uses his speed to get on top of the musclestud, pinning him down.  But Iceman18 is feisty and manages to get free of the superstar wrestler.

Marco wears Iceman18 down, tiring him before slapping on a Full Nelson!  “Stop squirmin’!”  Marco is all over Iceman18, literally sitting on him and flexing in his face!  But Iceman18 is no pushover and he refuses to quit!  Back on their feet, Marco suddenly finds himself caught in a front facelock!  “Who taught you this?!”  “Who taught me this?  I saw it on Youtube – watch and learn!”  Marco is NOT happy!  A rear Bearhug has Iceman18 in trouble but he counters, turning into the hold and going right back to the front facelock again!  Marco is getting suspicious – Iceman18 is supposed to be a rookie!  Marco snaps, firing hard shots into Iceman18’s abs before going for a deadly Camel Clutch, pulling Iceman18 up into it by his hair!  Bodyscissor choke on the rookie!

You gotta say this for Iceman18 – he just will not quit!  Marco keeps coming after him and the rookie keeps coming right back!  Marco is getting frustrated – “I’m a little tired of your mouth – gonna have to put you out…”  Will Marco make good on his threat and put the rookie away?  Can Iceman18 pull off the upset of the century? Get this mat match now and find out!