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Ivan chokes Marco head lock abs

Marco vs Ivan - Mat Wars 64

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Ivan’s our newest addition, a stout bodybuilder straight from Russia. He’s excited to be here in the states and is ready to show off his training in Russia to destroy our wrestlers here at Thunders. Marco is up next to challenge the beefy Russia, and I don’t think he was quite prepared. Ivan is stretching and warming up on the mat, preparing himself for the battle ahead. He takes his fighting very seriously. Marco comes casually walking in and starts making fun of Ivan for his warmups. He helps Ivan, pushing him down to give him more of a stretch. Ivan gets him to come over and start helping him stretch more, but he’s actually just testing Marco’s strength, pulling at him seeing how much he can resist. Marco knows what’s going on, and he offers to help him stretch more, but puts him into a full nelson! Ivan isn’t aware what’s happening, he’s moving the new stretch, so Marco switches it up and grabs his leg to pull him back into a pin. Ivan’s caught on and is ready to wrestle. He flips Marco over and rips his arm back into an arm bar before starts to pound away at his arm trying to break it. Marco’s in a  ton of pain trying to get feeling back in his arm while Ivan’s flexing for the camera. Ivan immediately goes back at Marco and throws some intense gut punches before wrangling Marco’s other arm and absolutely pounding it against the mat, using his leg leverage to break it the other direction. Marco’s pissed and starts to throw some gut punches at Ivan, but Ivan’s belly just absorbs all the impact and he laughs it off, before diving in and torturing Marco’s elbows even more. Marco tries some gut punches again to no avail, and Ivan grabs hold of Marco to start slamming his body against the mat repeatedly. As Marco’s trying to catch his breath Ivan flips Marco across his head and mounts him, throwing punches at Marco’s body with all his might. He’s flexing on top of Marco while Marco’s struggling to breathe. Once he lets Marco go, Marco flies at Ivan and tackles him. Marco is pissed and starts punching Ivans face before putting him into a schoolboy pin. He’s making fun of Ivan’s figure saying he’s never seen abs like Marcos. Marco gets up and starts to test Ivan’s flexibility by sitting on Ivan’s legs pushing them to his face. Ivan’s screaming in pain yelling for Marco to stop, he loves to dish out the pain but can’t take it. He quickly realizes he can’t give Marco any chances to hurt him, so he flips Marco up into a rack and throws him down on the mat. He mounts Marco real quick to torture his arm more before slamming his legs down on top of Marco as hard as he can. Marco tries to run away but Ivan just picks him up and flips him over backwards and then grabs Marco’s leg and tries to rip it out of its socket. This is an absolutely brutal match with the new guy Ivan going non stop against Marco. He is trying as hard as he can to make Marco cry and to break all of his bones. He’s new to America and he does not want to lose!