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Jake chokes Marco at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Marco vs Jake - No Holds Barred 96

$ 25.95

Jake looks amazing in this match and the sweat pouring off both of them is awesome to see under the moonlight!  Marco had recruited Jake but Jake tried to leave and quit Thunder's after he had made such improvements to his body by adding on another 20 lbs of pure muscle, and it looks great!

Marco could no wait to get his hands all over Jake and feel and grab all that bulging new muscles and to punish him for trying to leave after Marco had recommended him for the job.  Seriously this is by far the most intense and brutal NO HOLDS BARRED match we have ever filmed with Marco.  He loves to abuse body builders but he LOVES to hurt bodybuilders that are his friends who turn on him and make him look bad to Mr. Mike.  See if you tell Mr. Mike you got a new recruit and that recruit quits in the first year making you look bad that you recommended them, well Marco is going to take you down a few pegs and humble you for making him look bad to Mr. Mike.  Jake never saw what was coming as the newest victim of Marco's rath, you don't cross Marco without a beat down!  The most ball claws Marco has ever done to ONE person trying to make them quit. You don't just leave thunder's you have to pay the price then Marco MIGHT let you quit.  He's the enforcer of Thunders see what he can do when he's angry.