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Marco vs Joey King - Custom Video Series 59

Marco vs Joey King - Custom Video Series 59

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

“Jazzercise is across the street.”

Marco has arrived for his match against Joey King, wearing his favourite singlet and ready to get it done on the mat.  Uh oh – Marco obviously didn’t get the memo as this match is in the ring!  Marco scoffs at how pro wrestling is fake, so Joey invites him into the ring to see for himself!  One thing first though – take off the singlet!  Marco strips down to tiny yellow trunks, keeping his boots on in contrast to Joey’s lightning trunks and bare feet.  Marco climbs into the ring, immediately going into a mat stance – Joey just lunges forward, catching Marco in a front facelock and taking him down to the canvas!  Joey drags Marco to his feet, slapping on a rear bearhug and slamming him back down HARD with a classic takedown – “you still think wrestling’s fake?”  Joey King is going to MAKE Marco eat those words!  The King clamps a sleeper hold on the hapless superstar, giving him a taste of what’s to come!  Marco tweaks his leg and clutches his knee – big no no, Marco!  Never, NEVER highlight a weak spot to your opponent!  True to pro wrestling form, Joey feisn concern for Marco’s leg then brutally attacks it with kicks and a single-leg crab!  “You still think wrestling’s fake?”  Marco is defiant – “This isn’t real wrestling.”  Joey responds by SMASHING Marco’s hurting knee into the canvas and kicking it out again and again!  Then Joey slaps a textbook-perfect Boston Crab on the suffering stud, followed by an ankle lock that has Marco screaming!  Joey ups the ante with a long-held Figure-Four Leglock!  Joey is like a machine, relentlessly and mercilessly focussing his attack on Marco’s leg!  Marco tries to crawl away, but Joey grabs his legs and pulls Marco balls-first into the ring post before ramming that battered knee into the steel!  Then Marco is dragged back to the centre of the ring for another Figure-Four!  Marco has NEVER been so methodically worked over!  Joey adds an ankle lock and Marco has no choice but to submit – he slaps the canvas over and over and over, but Joey keeps the hold on until Marco’s slaps get desperate – only then does he release!  Round One goes to the King!

Round Two begins with a more subdued Marco cautiously going for a lock-up, only to get beaten down by a clubbing forearm from Joey!  The King grabs Marco’s head, ramming his face HARD into the turnbuckle!  Marco crumbles to the mat, but it’s short-lived as Joey drags him back up BY HIS EARS and rams him face-first into another turnbuckle!  Marco is launched backwards by the impact, almost knocked out – and there are still two turnbuckles left!  Marco is practically lifeless as Joey drags him to seated before raining CRIPPLING elbow blows down on Marco’s muscular traps!  Alternating chokes and elbow drops soften Marco up, making him easy prey for Joey’s deadly DDT!

Joey unleashes his arsenal on Marco – suplexes, chin locks, chokes, elbow drops, even successive neck breakers!  Joey gives new meaning to the Tree of Woe!  Marco was not ready for this and Joey is nowhere near done!  The question is, can Marco survive Joey’s systematic beatdown and DEVASTATING finisher?  Will he ever be the same again after this?  One thing’s for sure, Marco’s going to need the number of a good Chiropractor!  Add this incredible match to your collection today!