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Marco vs Karl - Vegas Battles 14

Marco vs Karl - Vegas Battles 14

$ 18.99
$ 25.95

Thunder’s Arena returns to Sin City!  Our trips to Vegas has produced some of our best and most popular matches, and today is no different!

Karl, Thunder’s newest addition to the roster, is a 245lb Romanian bodybuilder with muscle to spare!  He’s taking on the famous (and infamous!) Marco in a Las Vegas hotel suite.  Already in trunks (Karl in blue and Marco in hot pink), stand ready to go, the tension already mounting.  The two flex off, shoving and jostling each other.  Karl is massive, especially his legs – even Marco is in awe of them!  Marco asks those fateful words – “Can you wrestle?”  They lock up and it’s on!  Marco gets behind the massive bodybuilder, wrapping his arms around Karl in a rear bearhug.  Marco switches to a hammer lock, putting pressure on the muscleman’s shoulder.  “Not very flexible huh?” quips Marco as Karl grimaces in pain.  A full nelson from Marco has Karl hurting but not submitting, so Marco spins him around for a bearhug, lifting off the mat and over his shoulder!  Marco bounces Karl, jarring his shoulder up into the bodybuilder’s abs.  Karl is learning about Thunder’s Arena the hard way!

The two musclegods lock up again, with Marco getting a headlock on Karl.  Karl struggles to escape, but Marco takes them down to the mat switching for a ground headlock and using his weight to keep the musclebeast down!  Marco takes a moment to flex his incredible physique, giving Karl the chance to push him off and clamp on a headlock choke of his own!  Karl’s arm is tight around Marco’s neck as he adds a body scissor to the mix!  “No, not the legs!” begs Marco, but his plea falls on deaf ears.  “You knew this would come” Karl squeezes the Thunder’s veteran, before releasing the headlock so he can put all of his MUSCLE into the scissor, crushing the life out of Marco! Karl releases the hold, pushing Marco out of the deathtrap, only to grab Marco’s head and guide it between his waiting thighs in a standing head scissor!  Marco paws desperately at the granite-like quads as Karl flexes and squeezes!  Karl, perhaps sensing Marco isn’t yet ready to submit, releases the hold, standing ready to go again as Marco recovers.  Another lock up and Marco hoists all 245lbs of Karl over his shoulders!  Marco dumps Karl to the mat, wrapping his legs around him in a payback bodyscissor!  Karl refuses to give, so Marco clamps on a rear naked choke!  Marco again goes for the shoulders, this time locking them both up and pulling Karl’s head up off the mat.  Karl has no answer as Marco lifts his legs and sinks in a Boston Crab!  Karl is in trouble, begging Marco to stop – but the experienced wrestler sits back on the sofa, wrapping his powerful legs around Karl’s head and applying MAXIMUM SQUEEZE!!  Marco flexes a massive Most Muscular as he pours on the pressure!  A crippling arm lock has the bodybuilder crying out that he’s done – but Marco isn’t interested in hearing that!  Nelsons, arm locks, bearhugs, headlocks, cradles, a bow & arrow and more – then the sadistic superstar unleashes a devastating attack on the bodybuilder’s huge legs!

Can Karl come back from this relentless beatdown?  Or will Marco’s experience and brutality prove too much for the musclehunk to handle?  An amazingly brutal ending that’s not for the faint of heart – get this match today to see it for yourself!