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Marco vs Kid Romeo - Mat Rats 87

Marco vs Kid Romeo - Mat Rats 87

$ 34.75

Kid Romeo is back for his second match at Thunder’s Arena, this time against resident Bad Boy, Marco! 

Marco loves nothing more than to meet a rookie on the mats and take him apart piece by piece.  He gets in his opponent’s head, adding mental torment to his impressive arsenal of holds, not to mention his powerful and muscular physique!  These are Marco’s mats and he has no problem in letting you know that, in the roughest way possible!  Enter Kid Romeo, one of Thunder’s newest additions to the roster.  Kid is wiry, lithe and defined, and is deceptively strong for his frame.  He does love to run his mouth though!  He starts in on Marco, saying that he’s big, fat and slow – did this guy do his homework?!  Kid keeps on trash talking, until Marco finally has enough and scoops him up for an upside-down bearhug!  Marco drops Kid to the mat, his demeanor changing: “Ok, I’m going to kick your ass now.”  Marco throws Kid up over his shoulders for a rack, giving him a taste of what’s to come.  Feeling confident, Marco gives Kid a free opening and invites him to put a hold on him.  Kid Romeo goes for a bearhug of his own, but his efforts are met with scorn from the superstar, who decides to show him how it’s done!  Kid Romeo looks like snake food as he’s trapped in Marco’s pythonic crush!  But Kid Romeo just can’t keep from running his mouth – he could give Zman a run for his money!  Marco slaps a sleeper on the rookie, but still the trash keeps flowing – until Marco literally covers his mouth to make him stop talking!

Marco decides he’s going to teach the rookie a lesson in humility and unloads on Kid Romeo with wrenching hammerlocks, body scissors, smothering headlocks and chokes to name but a few!  Kid Romeo finds himself draped over Marco’s thigh, having his abs battered by the bodybuilder!  Marco switches to a deadly body scissor, his pumped and flaring quads DWARFING Kid’s body!  Kid Romeo is LITERALLY squeezed into silence!  A textbook Camel Clutch has Kid in trouble, but he’s not ready to give yet!  A Full Nelson has Kid grimacing in pain as Marco works him over!  Marco again attacks Kid’s abs, battering him over and over!  Then Marco humiliates Kid Romeo, using him as weight for bicep curls, chest press and squats!  With his big legs all pumped up, Marco clamps on a standing head scissor – Kid isn’t running his mouth now!  Marco rides the rookie into the mat, applying a painful leg-twisting submission hold!  Kid is obviously agony, but he holds out – Marco rewards him with a full Boston Crab!  An awesome head scissor from Marco will have you reaching for the pause button!  Pins, nelsons, scissors, chokes and a truly devastating bow & arrow – Kid Romeo has got Marco in the mood to hurt!  A triple choke-lift!

Can Kid Romeo come back and mount a defense?  Or will the bodybuilding bad boy put the rookie away?  A classic big-vs-little match – if you’re a fan of a heart-filled little guy taking on a buffed-up bad boy, then this one’s for you!