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Marco vs Kid Titan vs Blayne - Mat Rats 85

Marco vs Kid Titan vs Blayne - Mat Rats 85

$ 24.99
$ 32.95

2 on 1 or 1 on 2?

Marco and Blayne have met on the mats before and every time Marco has prevailed.  Now Blayne is back for revenge and he’s brought back-up in the form of Kid Titan!  Marco, looking superb in his signature blue trunks, claims he doesn’t remember Blayne and starts in on the trash talk.  Blayne responds with a cheap shot, lifting Marco over his shoulder and parading him around the mat as Kid Titan looks on.  Blayne flexes as he tells Kid “You can watch first.”  Blayne slams Marco down on the mat and looks toward Kid Titan – “Your turn.”  Kid immediately locks on a modified sleeper hold, trapping Marco’s arm in the punishing hold.  Kid drags Marco to his feet, exposing his abs to a vicious kick from Blayne!  That’s it – Marco has had enough!  He lunges in, hauling Blayne up over his shoulder, spinning him round and catching Kid Titan in the face!  Both men are prone on the mat as Marco prowls above them – Marco lines them up side by side and grabs a leg from each, pulling back until he has them both trapped in twin single leg crabs!  This was definitely not what Blayne had in mind!  Marco beats on Blayne, stacking him on top of Kid Titan for a double Surfboard!  Marco follows up with a headscissor on Blayne, coupled with a headlock on Kid Titan, Kid’s face wedged in Marco’s armpit!  Twin ball claws from Marco!  Blayne finds himself trapped over Marco’s knee in a backbreaker, with Kid trapped underneath!  Marco switches his attention to the Kid, stomping on his balls, but Blayne comes in for the save!

In a seriously impressive show of strength, Marco lifts BOTH of them off the mat!  Marco picks Blayne up, using him as a weapon against the bigger Kid Titan.  Marco lines them both up again, this time for a DOUBLE SCHOOLBOY PIN!  Marco stacks Blayne on top of Kid and twists their legs up together!  “Marco, why you gotta do this?”  Blayne begs for Mercy, seemingly forgetting that he’s the one who started it!  Kid Titan goes to attack Marco, but Marco dodges and grabs Kid’s arm, wrenching it behind his back!  Marco taunts Blayne to come and help – when Blayne takes the bait, Marco throws Kid Titan at him, sending them both crashing to the mat!  “You’re being way too mean“, Blayne tells Marco – the bodybuilder responds with a smothering Schoolboy pin!  At the same time (!) Marco cradles Kid Titan, attacking his balls for good measure!  Marco is on a mission!

Marco continues the beatdown with a nasty Bow & Arrow on Blayne, before switching his attention back to Blayne’s sidekick.  Marco slaps a headscissor on the Kid, then reaches over to Blayne for a Full Nelson!  This is EPIC!  Marco goes after Kid Titan with a standing headscissor and a crippling Camel Clutch!  Blayne finds himself trapped in a muscle sandwich between Marco and an unwilling Kid Titan!  Blayne and Kid start to regroup, but Marco charges at them for a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!  Marco is completely in charge as he beats down on the two bros, never letting them use their numbers against him!  Marco’s awesome body shines with sweat as he tortures Kid Titan with ab punches and scissors!

Can Blayne and Kid Titan get it together enough to beat the bodybuilder?  Or will Marco make Blayne rue his revenge?  Add this match to your collection today and see for yourself!