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Marco vs Logan Vaughn - Ring Wars 40

Marco vs Logan Vaughn - Ring Wars 40

$ 31.25

Logan Vaughn is back at Thunder’s Arena to take on Marco in the ring!  Logan, in seriously bright pink trunks, says he has come out of retirement for this match, leading Marco to think this is going to be a walk in the park!  Circling each other, they lock up with Marco clamping on a bearhug, only for it to be countered by Logan!  They break and Marco shoves Logan into the corner, firing shots into his midsection before grabbing his balls and throwing him to the canvas!  A fired up Logan gets up, telling Marco to “come on” – fighting talk!  The two lock up again and grapple to the canvas, with Marco using his impressive strength to gain the advantage, lifting Logan over his shoulder and adding another ball grab for good measure!  “That’s not fighting fair!” exclaims the suffering stud.  Marco responds - “I never said fair”.  Marco carries Logan to the corner, depositing him on the top turnbuckle before chopping his pecs!  Marco mounts the ropes, shoving Logan’s head between his powerful quads and squeezing the fight out of him!  Logan escapes the hold, but Marco is on him again, lifting him up and into an inverted bearhug!  As the blood rushes to Logan’s head, Marco again goes for the balls!  “What is it with you and my nuts?”  “This is no holds barred!”  Logan gets to his feet and checks the damage before lunging in for Marco’s legs and taking him down!  Logan clamps on a brutal leglock then grabs Marco’s arm, pulling back and stretching out Marco’s muscular torso.  Logan releases the hold, kicking Marco away then, out of nowhere, FLYING ELBOW DROP to Marco’s ribs!  Marco curls up in agony as Logan paces the ring waiting for Marco to get up.  Marco does and gets a single leg takedown of his own, slapping on an armlock, wrenching Logan’s shoulder for all he’s worth!  Grabbing Logan’s foot, Marco pulls back for a revenge stretch – the two trade leglocks until Marco gets the advantage, pulling back on both of Logan’s legs and giving him a perfect view of his assets!  But Logan manages to roll out, mounting Marco and sitting high on his chest!  Marco is humiliated and furious as he gets up and immediately fires a vicious shot to Logan’s balls, Logan crumpling to the canvas in abject agony.

Marco is all business now as he catches Logan in a standing headscissors before taking it to the mat.  Logan grimaces in pain as Marco crushes him!  “Get comfy” says Marco, but Logan manages to get out – he collapses Marco down and grabs his legs pulling him up and back in a Boston Crab!  Another flying elbow drop to Marco’s shoulder has the bodybuilder in pain – Logan sits on the back of Marco’s head!  Marco doesn’t respond well to that kind of treatment, forcing Logan down and schoolboy pinning him!  Logan is smothered in Marco’s trunks!  Marco scoops Logan up and drapes him over the turnbuckle in a TREE OF WOE!  Marco is merciless as he stomps his heel into Logan’s balls, over and over again!  Logan collapses in serious pain, but Marco isn’t done – he ties him up in the ropes and unloads blow after blow to his body!  Logan is dragged to the middle of the ring where Marco continues the ball torture, stomping and crushing his foot into Logan’s manhood – this is brutal to watch!  Marco clamps on a camel clutch, switching to a sleeper to put Logan out – but Marco isn’t ready for the match to be over yet!

Can Logan come back and snatch a win from the jaws of defeat?  Or will Marco’s dirty tactics prove to be too much for Logan?  A seriously impressive feat of strength leads to a piledriver and a knockout ending!  Add this match to your collection today!