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Marco body scissors Lupe thighs pecs chest

Marco vs Lupe - Mat Wars 44

$ 23.49
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Having so far mopped the floor with every muscle man Thunders Arena has thrown in his direction, mouthy stud-muffin Marco next sets his sights on six-foot-four Latino lover Lupe. Lupe shows the new kid no respect, getting down on his knees and trash-talking him in Spanish, wondering whether Thunders has mistakenly booked him for a midget match. Not a cool move if, like Lupe, you dont even know your opponents name, much less his win-loss ratio, which is, for the record, todos : cero. Marco flashes a smile, confident in the truth of the old adage The bigger they are, the louder they scream. Hes already licking his chops to get his hooks into the sumptuous man-mountain, and Lupe may be only making things worse for himself.

Lupe lets the kid know that he, Lupe, is the real wrestler, high-school and college champion back in Nevada and former WWE prospect. Marco doesnt look impressed, much less intimidated. He insolently fingers Lupes pecs, like hes deciding between two pot roasts for Sunday dinner. Lupe pushes him away, offended by the newcomers loutish poking and groping. Marco puffs out his own chest, offering the big guy a feel of it, if hes interested. All the while the rookie stares straight ahead at his opponents swelling chest, so intently that Lupe says, Up here! trying to get Marco to make eye contact. Marco derisively musses Lupes hair, recoiling and complaining that its greasy. That appears to be enough to get things started, fight-wise. Lupe pounces on Marco, twisting the kids arm behind his back. Then he grabs him by the ears and jerks the head around like hes shaking up a gin fizz.

The Latin lover reveals his mean side in this contest. Weve seen it before, most remarkably in his debut match against Tak. He lifts tiny Marco in a reverse bear hug, then slams him facedown to the mat. He targets Marcos left leg for special abuse, lifting it and slamming it to the mat. Then he starts striking Marcos thighs and abs with his bare foot, topping off the assault by twisting the kids foot at the ankle. He orders Marco to submit, but tough punk that he is, Marco replies, Youll have to break it! Thats just what Lupe sets out to do, and its hard to say which is more impressive: the single-mindedness with which Lupe assails Marcos leg or the resilience and pigheadedness of Marcos refusal to give in to the pain.

Nine minutes in, and Marco is itching for payback. It wont be easy. Once Lupes on a roll, its almost impossible to slow him down. He grabs Marco by the hair and doubles the assault on the leg, stopping just short of actually hamstringing the guy. Marcos skintight zebra-print trunks, hardly bigger than a garter belt, can barely keep pace with the kids frenzied writhing. But then, with the same grit thats already won him legions of fans, Marco turns the tables on the big bully, setting up his now-trademark humiliation move: the schoolboy pin, his crotch burying Lupes face. Tell me you love me, Marco taunts him. Say you love my nuts! Lupe tries to head-butt his way free of Marco, but Marco sticks on him like flypaper. He clamps the Latin lover in a tight head scissors, while nonchalantly completing a few crunches, tightening his abs till they almost snap.

Back on his feet, Lupe complains about the pungency of Marcos sweat-soaked trunks, threatening to haul the kid to the showers for a steel-brush scrubbing. Theres a struggle, but Marco clamps down on Lupe with a rear naked choke, which Lupe barely escapes by butting the back of his head against Marcos face. The final three minutes is pure loco excitement, with a jawbreaking submission finisher, every muscle and vein popping on both wrestlers physiques. But then, having thoroughly conquered his man, the victor cries out, Im not finished with you, and we get a sixty-second climax that is gripping, intense, boiler-room hot. and not to be missed!


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