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Marco vs Mean Mike - No Holds Barred 47

$ 34.75

The testosterone level in the room couldn't be higher, and the egos couldn't be bigger, as these two superbly conditioned athletes take their rivalry to the mat. Marco's short fuse catches Mike off-guard, and he finds himself in a reverse headlock...but then Mike applies the same hold on Marco! This confrontation leads to a stand-off...and Marco has to admit that he's admiring his bro's impressive physique, "despite his Ken-doll looks and spray tan"!After distracting Mike with compliments, Marco tries for another headlock, but Mike has trapped his leg. Both guys apply simultaneous headlocks, and Mike's caught in an uncomfortable axe handle. Marco gets Mike over his knee in a painful backbreaker, and works his abs with some punches...even though Marco's duly impressed by Mike's powerful quads. Marco maneuvers into a schoolboy pin on Mike, but that's enough of that!Mike slips out and gets Marco in a reverse bearhug, then in a show of strength, flips him upside down, and takes him to the mat. Mike's got a choke hold on Marco, and is driving toward a pinning combination, with a reverse headlock applied.Marco isn't so easily dominated, and hoists Mike up and onto his shoulders, presses him impressively, and even gets in a few legit squats with Mike as deadweight. By way of humiliating Mike, Marco offers his leg to Mike as "advantage" in the second fall, but Mike traps both of Marco's shoulders between his powerful thighs and works Marco's shoulders. He tries for another pinning combination, by hooking Marco's knee and putting both shoulders to the mat. He pulls Marco's chin to his chest and lock in a cradle..but Marco's power is explosive and he rolls out- climbs on Mike's back and tries for a choke hold, with his legs around Mike's waist.There's a wicked gleam in Marco's eyes as he dominates Mean Mike, forcing his body to flex and strain in every hold. As he climbs onto Mike's back, he inquires about "the need for an oil change?", which only renews Mike's determination to triumph. But Marco has a bear hug on Mike, and in a desperate moment, resorts to a vicious low blow. As Mike crumples in agony, Marco wraps his quads around Mike's head and proceeds to wrench both shoulders nearly out of their sockets. Marco really works Mike's arms- asking him if he's ready to give up and tap out...and so- will Marco's sadistic pleasure in torturing Mike lead to his Victory, or will Mean Mike surprise his arrogant challenger and really live up to his name?