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Marco MXD bodyscissors submission hold submit pain torture

Marco vs MXD - Rough & Ready 70

$ 25.95


This match starts with the giant (67, 230#), MXD yelling from the mat for Marco to Get out here! Marco steps onto the mat saying, ready bitch? and from then on, its a battle of David and Goliath proportions as MXD starts out with three rapid fire chest chops to Marcos statuesque torso. Marco grabs his towering opponent and quickly manhandles him into a firemans carry before dumping him to the mat and stretching the tall man out with a surfboard. The two return to their feet but MXD gains the upper hand and takes Marco back to the mat. The inexperienced newcomer has some trouble getting Marco into a camel clutch, made even worse by the extreme difference in heights, but manages it and really stretches Marcos back out. The newbie continues his assault by pinning Marco and counts himself, 1....2... but Marco reverses the move and pins MXD for another two count before it is reversed once again in an exciting tit-for-tat display of skill. Marco shows his agility, and technique and breaks free, springing to his feet, where he is met by his long legged adversary. It is his long legs that prove ruin for MXD as Marco goes for the pick and sends him back to the mat. Marco wastes no time and quickly gets MXD in a painful hold that he just cant seem to break free from. Marco uses the time and his advantage to do some flexing and showcases his defined abs and bulging arms. Marco relents and allows MXD to get back on his feet, but Marco wasnt expecting the lumbering giant to be so quick and Marco soon finds himself back down on the mat himself. But not for long, as MXD grabs around Marcos waist and lifts him off the ground in a spectacular bearhug. Marco escapes and tries for a tie up, but MXD takes a moment to flex and pose for the camera. Marco sees an opportunity and jumps on MXDs back, wrapping his powerful legs around MXDs waist and trying to bring him to the mat. But MXD taunts Marco, saying , this is nothing while continuing to flex. Marco doesnt give up and continues to hang off MXDs arm like a monkey, slowly wearing the big guy down, until MXD is forced to take a knee from fatigue. Marco continues to pull on MXD and brings him all the way down to the mat, where Marco, uses his wrestling experience to gain the clear advantage. He tightens his thighs around MXDs abdomen squeezing and stretching his super lean frame. Marco switches it up and repositions for a head scissors and rolls MXD onto his belly where Marco does several push ups to add to MXDs humiliation. The two find their feet once again and MXD is fed up with Marco and goes on the attack, lifting Marco off the ground in the highest gorilla press ever done on Thunders. You can see the shock on Marcos face as MXD throws him and he realizes how far it is back to the ground. MXD keeps the momentum going with another chest chop and then pushes Marco to the mat, sticks a knee in his chest and pulls both arms, pushing the air out of Marcos lungs. Marco tries to scramble away, but the long arms of MXD prove too much and he is caught by the ankle and dragged back to the center of the mat for more punishment with another camel clutch. MXD snarls into Marcos ear while pulling his hair, before pushing him away again. Marco attempts a full nelson, but MXDs height proves too much and Marco just cant get the hold, so he takes him back to the mat and starts working on his knee in some painful lockouts before the two go back and forth with pins, each getting only a two count...