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Marco njustice choke choking ropes abs chest pecs

Marco vs NJustice - Ring Wars 26

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

NJustice is in the ring, going through his stretching routine when he’s blindsided by an unprovoked attack from Marco!   A forearm to the back and a fist to the face of Njustice floor the meaty wrestler!  Marco is quick to follow up, wrapping his legs around NJustice’s body for a scissor choke combination to show the flailing NJustice who’s boss!  Marco releases, letting NJustice get to his feet, only to let loose with a vicious kick to his shin!  NJustice is no slouch though and responds with a knee lift that stuns Marco – NJustice capitalises and lands a clubbing forearm of his own on Marco’s muscular back, before choking the bodybuilder over the top rope!  Marco is looking for the shreds of his attack plan as NJustice drags him to the corner and rams his face into the top turnbuckle!  Marco collapses to the canvas as NJustice turns him over for a Boston Crab!  Marco is bent in half, but he refuses to quit!

NJustice drags Marco up off the canvas, pushing him into the corner.  Not missing a beat, he slugs Marco HARD in the midsection!  Marco is in pain as NJustice charges in from the opposite corner, intending to crush Marco with a running splash!  Marco ducks out of the way in the nick of time, leaving NJustice running full tilt into the corner with nobody home!  NJustice writhes on the canvas in agony as Marco flexes and poses his hard-earned muscle over him.  Marco kicks NJustice before dragging him up by his hair, lifting him up and draping him over the turnbuckle in a Tree of Woe!  NJustice is trapped and begging as Marco launches a devastating dropkick to NJustice’s face!  Freeing the battered wrestler, Marco proceeds to choke NJustice with his own singlet straps!  Why is Marco doing this?  Has NJustice offended the musclehunk somehow?  A desperate low blow from NJustice has Marco down – NJustice pays Marco back by choking him with his strap!  Marco responds with a massive backbreaker on NJustice!

NJustice manages to turn the tables again with a brutal ball claw and slap to Marco’s manhood!  Nasty!  NJustice pulls Marco’s singlet down and dropkicks his bare ass!  Marco is on the defensive as NJustice peppers him with stomps before trapping him in a scissor and arm bar combo – an added ab claw has Marco in agony but still not quitting!  Marco manages to escape and catch NJustice in a revenge Boston Crab of his own!  Marco’s muscular body is glistening with sweat as he works on NJustice.  Marco’s signature schoolboy pin is reversed into a sudden pin attempt by NJustice! These two go back and forth, beating on each other for no other reason than to fight.  The attacks are vicious and brutal – rope chokes, bodyscissors, ball claws, headlocks!  NJustice gets a weapon from under the ring and slugs Marco in the gut!  “Come on you little bitch!”  Marco responds with a dangerously severe seated piledriver!  Marco is STRIPPED down to tight red trunks!  More headscissors, claws, full nelsons and another dropkick!  Vicious chops to each other’s pecs leave glowing red welts – these two aren’t playing!  One wrestler finally snaps and choke slams the other hard into the canvas!  Get this match today to witness the brutal ending to a non-stop, action packed match that doesn’t let up!  Will either wrestler be the same after this?