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Marco PeeWee head scissors thighs back abs

Marco vs PeeWee - Custom Video Series 30

$ 31.25

Marco and PeeWee go all out in their rematch in the ring! PeeWee is impressed by Marco’s physique, he spends a lot of time admiring and feeling up Marco’s ripped muscles. He’s admiring all the hard work Marco’s been putting in on his body when surprises Marco by throwing him over the ropes outside of the ring. This pisses Marco off and once he gets back into the ring, he’s ready to show PeeWee just how strong all that gym work has made him. He gives PeeWee some cheap shots to knock him off his guard, and lifts him over his shoulders into a crushing rack a few times, showing PeeWee he can man handle him however he wants to. He then picks PeeWee up and puts him into a tree of woe in the corner of the ring, where PeeWee lays helplessly. Marco takes his time, torturing and tormenting PeeWee every which way while he’s trapped upside down. Marco loves all the attention he’s gotten from PeeWee admiring him, and he is having a blast dominating and destroying PeeWee with those muscles he admires so much. Marco doesn’t get into the ring often, so he spends a lot of time tying PeeWee up into the ropes and using the corners of the rings to bash in PeeWee’s face and show him real pain. After Marco introduces PeeWee to all the corners of the ring, PeeWee just collapses, completely exhausted and worked over. Marco gives him a little breather before coming back to give him some more. He throws PeeWee into the corner, but as he charges, PeeWee retaliates with a cheap shot kick to knock Marco off guard. Looks like PeeWee may finally be getting the upper hand. PeeWee’s been waiting for his turn to admire Marco’s muscles the right way, does PeeWee turn this match around, or will Marco recover and finish his match of domination?