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Marco vs Scrappy - Vegas Battles 15

Marco vs Scrappy - Vegas Battles 15

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Individually, Marco and Scrappy are two of our most popular wrestlers.  Each of them always brings his A-game, regardless of the opponent.  The two of them together is dynamite!  Throw in a Vegas setting and you have all the ingredients for an awesome match!

The video starts off with a special treat – exclusive behind the scenes footage of Scrappy and Marco preparing for their match!  The two couldn’t be more different with Marco relaxing and stretching out on the mat, whilst Scrappy pumps himself up with push ups and pec bouncing!  The two men also check out their gear (which can barely contain their glutes), with Scrappy paying special attention to how his look in the mirror!  Then Marco signals for the match to begin…

The two veterans lock up with Marco getting the advantage, lifting Scrappy up into a suspended cradle!  Scrappy was not prepared for such a power move right off the bat!  Marco dumps Scrappy down on the sofa, throwing a cushion into his face to add insult to injury!  Marco clamps on a smothering headlock, but Scrappy fights out and locks on a rear choke.  Marco manages to get up, but Scrappy hangs on, forcing Marco to carry him on his back!  Usually Marco would ram an opponent into a turnbuckle, but there’s no ring here – this is a Las Vegas hotel room!  So Marco improvises and rams Scrappy’s spine three times into the doorframe!  Scrappy has no choice but to relinquish the hold as his back is thrust against the unforgiving wall!  Scrappy starts to regroup, but Marco is on him straight away, wrapping a singlet around Scrappy’s neck and pulling tight to choke him!  “This is your singlet” says Marco, “You were supposed to put it on.”  Marco folds Scrappy up into a cradle pin, immobilising him on the mat before switching to a modified Bow & Arrow!  Scrappy is suspended in mid-air as Marco presses him!  Marco thrusts forwards with his legs, propelling Scrappy to the mat before twisting Scrappy’s arms and legs, completely trapping him and lifting his legs up in a back-breaking submission hold!  Scrappy is in mind-numbing pain as Marco grabs his balls for good measure, adding further torture!  Marco is in a seriously sadistic mood as he hauls Scrappy up into an upside-down bearhug, showing exactly how much pain a single finger can cause!

Marco drops Scrappy to the mat and demands that he put his singlet on!  “Mr Mike told you to put this on – if you don’t, I’m gonna make you.”  The rebellious Scrappy refuses, so Marco shoves him hard onto the sofa following with a rear choke, his forearm pressed against Scrappy’s throat!  Scrappy struggles, but Marco has him pinned!  Marco resorts to dirty moves to punish Scrappy, smothering him, bashing his abs and clawing his balls!  He even smothers Scrappy with a cushion!  Scrappy still refuses to wear the singlet, so Marco sits on him and puts it on him by force!  Scrappy keeps squirming, causing Marco to lose his temper!  Marco attacks with chokes, smothers and ball shots – poor Scrappy didn’t sign up for this to be No Holds Barred!  Marco is determined to punish Scrappy for his earlier defiance, applying claw after claw to Scrappy’s balls!  Scrappy fights back!  More claws, chokes, pins, even spanking!  Full nelsons, headlocks, backbreakers – Marco is determined to make sure that Scrappy learns his lesson!

Can Scrappy fight back against Mr Mike’s enforcer?  Or will Marco beat Scrappy into compliance?  Get this superstar showdown today and see for yourself!