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Marco Slim firemans carry

Marco vs Slim - Mat Rats 76

$ 34.75

Slim, in too-small red and blue trunks, is back for his debut Singles match against none other than Thunder’s superstar Marco!  Looking incredibly ripped and muscular, Marco wastes no time in taking his smaller opponent to the mat and wrapping him up in thick muscle!  Slim is wondering if he’s bitten off more than he can chew as Marco’s thick forearm snakes its way around his neck!  Marco completely immobilises him, cradling the rookie in a textbook pin.  Marco is toying with Slim, like a lion playing with a mouse, letting the rookie know that he’s in for a mauling!

Marco lets Slim up and the two circle, trash talking and throwing insults at each other.  Marco goes for a full nelson, but Slim is too tall – the muscled superstar takes him to the mat instead, cranking on an arm lock!  Slam manages to worm his way out and the two get back to their feet – Marco scoops Slim up, slamming him down over his knee in an OTK backbreaker!  Marco repeats the move before lifting Slim over his shoulder, parading him around the mat and threatening to drop him on his neck!  Marco throws him down, Slim landing hard on his lower back.  Marco immediately zones in on his target, digging the point of his elbow into the base of Slim’s spine!  Marco cranks a leglock on the rookie, before wrapping his own big legs around Slim for a bodyscissor!  Marco hammers Slim’s arm, snaking his own around Slim’s neck!  “How are you liking Thunder’s Arena so far?”  Marco cranks on the hammer, almost dislocating Slim’s shoulder!  Marco manoeuvres Slim into a straight headscissor, his powerful quads crushing the newbie’s skull!  Marco let’s Slim get up, only to lift him up over his shoulders in a torture rack!  Slim hangs precariously on Marco’s traps, but his height helps him out – in frustration Marco throws him down, going right back to Slim’s shoulder.  The devastation continues as Marco slaps on an ab stretch, bashing Slim’s midsection before cranking his back in a bow and arrow!  Marco is truly enjoying himself as he takes the pain to the rookie!

Slim finds himself trapped in one of Marco’s favourite holds, the dreaded sleeper!  Marco flexes his biceps into Slim’’ neck, cutting off his air and putting him out!  But Marco isn’t done – he thinks the new guy needs to be taught a lesson, especially in posing!  Is Marco actually being nice?  Or is he just lulling Slim into a false sense of security?  You know the answer to that!  Can Slim survive a Marco beatdown?  Will Marco get the submission he craves from the rookie?  Get it today to find out!