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Marco Sly head scissors abs pecs chest

Marco vs Sly - Custom Video Series 43

$ 25.95

This match has NO AUDIO! We had an issue with recording and none of the audio was recorded. In it's place we have an amazing DRUM SOLO! Get all the hot visual action with an upbeat exciting drum solo to get you as pumped up as the wrestlers.

The Beauty vs The Beast
The match begins with Marco flexing and posing for the camera. He loves showing off his smooth, ripped muscles for the fans! In walks Sly with his hairy, thick muscles and pierced nipples. This match up of Beauty vs Beast is on! 
Marco picks up Sly's tree trunk leg TRIPPING him to the mat. He straddles the beast PINNING him down, with his balls inching closer and closer to Sly's face!
The musclemen tie up. Sly takes Marco down and straddles his back. He WRENCHES his arm behind him and SITS DOWN on him CRUSHING Marco's back! Next, the beast gets the beauty in a VICIOUS arm bar/head scissor combo. Marco breaks away and rolls the gorilla in a TIGHT cradle. He straddles the beast SHAKING his balls in Sly's face. Sly breaks out and puts Marco in a crippling Boston crab. Incredibly, Marco flips him over and gets the beast in another cradle. This match is VERY back and forth! 
Both lock up again. Marco gets Sly in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors while admiring his own washboard abs. Amazingly, the beast PICKS UP Marco with the scissors locked in and SLAMS him to the mat! The muscle gorilla lays on top of Marco SMOTHERING his face with his thick, furry chest. Marco recovers and gets a take down on Sly. He gets the beast in a leg scissors and ROLLS him around the mat. 
Sly breaks out, pinning Marco's arms behind his back in his VICE LIKE GRIP. He rolls him over and SITS on his head! Marco is probably SCREAMING in pain! Sly UNLEASHES his strength, CHOKELIFTS Marco twice, and drops him into an over the knee BACK BREAKER! Somehow, Marco breaks free, and they tie up again. Sly BEARHUGS Marco then does a leg stretch! Marco is quick, rolls the gorilla over, sits on his chest, and pins his leg back. PAYBACK!
Sly lifts Marco across his furry chest and POWERSLAMS him to the mat. The beast summons his strength and OVERHEAD PRESSES the beauty before SLAMMING him down. Sly sits on Marco's chest rubbing his balls in his face, but Marco is able to roll the beast over in a TIGHT pin. 
Marco gets behind Sly, pulls his singlet straps down PINNING his arms, and begins GUT PUNCHING the gorilla! He RIPS the singlet off exposing black shorts underneath. Marco takes the beast down and WRENCHES his arm behind his back. The beauty then sits on the beast's furry chest and rubs his balls in his face. Sly is PISSED and takes down Marco!
The match ends with a MASSIVE over the knee BACK BREAKER! The loser has their wrestling gear RIPPED off exposing EVEN SMALLER trunks! The winner rolls the loser to their back and delivers a DEVASTATING ELBOW DROP to their opponent's balls, and they PASS OUT from the pain. Will it be Beauty or the Beast? You gotta see it to find out!