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Marco vs Specimen - No Holds Barred 46

$ 31.25

The air in the bedroom is thick with testosterone as Marco lounges in his posers while a disgruntled Specimen plots for his last humiliating defeat. These two well-built Alpha dogs, one classically aesthetic, one hulking beast, are destined to be rivals, so it takes no time at all for things to get physical.Specimen's vengeance boils over into an attack on Marco, with a front full nelson applied just to inflict pain on Marco's delts. A failed rear naked choke attempt allows Marco to climb on top of Specimen, then tear off his pants. A pillow fight ensues, the like of which you've never seen!Specimen comes out on top,with a schoolboy pin on Marco. He tears off his shirt, like the Hulk, and still seated on top, proceeds to strangle Marco with it- then flexes in victory. He clamps a full nelson on Marco and rides him to wear him down. With his brutal figure four leg lock on Marco's neck, Specimen bashes his opponent with a pillow, then crushes his head between his massive quads, like a musclebound nutcracker.When he relents, Marco seizes the advantage and climbs on top of Specimen, amazingly getting him in a Boston Crab. Marco tries for a choke hold, then a cradle, and when Specimen struggles, Marco goes for the crotch grab to slow him down. With Specimen's head between his thighs, Marco attempts to crush that battering ram of a head, but the Mighty Marine muscles out.Specimen wastes no time in pretzeling Marco into a small package, but Marco's found the Kryptonite...another crotch grab detours Specimen's assault. The two bodybuilders tussle on the bed, with Specimen on top, again into a schoolboy pin on Marco. He crushes Marco's head between his massive quads, upside down off the side of the bed!Marco goes for another crotch crab, but Specimen is too smart and fast for him, holding his arms and continuing to smash Marco's skull. Specimen pulls the suffering Marco nearly off the bed, til he's upside down off the side, resting on his shoulders, nearly pinned to the floor. Now Specimen attacks Marco's crotch...and steps on his throat and chest, choking and crushing Marco's windpipe and his cojones simultaneously, as he flexes in dominance once again.Believing Marco's power to be sapped, he turns his back, and Marco attacks from behind and throws Specimen face-first into the suffocating sheets. A huge elbow drop on Specimen's back has the Hulk howling in agony. Marco works Specimen's leg, knee and crotch while sitting on his back, and goes for another vicious crotch grab. No Holds Barred indeed! He forces Specimen to spit out an agonized submission, concluding this fall with one more spectacular elbow drop.Marco takes advantage of the situation and puts Specimen's head between his thighs, and buries his face in his impressive abs. Marco even forces Specimen to appreciate his superbly conditioned midsection, but Specimen delivers a breathtaking gut punch instead.In an amazing power move, Specimen rises, then drops his head into Marco's gut. He then proceeds to tie Marco up into a small package in a painful cradle. Transitioning into a rear naked choke on Marco, Specimen stuffs his head between those gigantic quads. The two athletes roll around, with Marco on his knees, head still trapped between Specimen's legs.Finally, Marco slips out, and gets on top of Specimen. A series of elbow drops soften the behemoth so Marco can try a choke hold, then shoulder stretch, and his coupe de grace, another crotch grab. Adding insult to injury, Marco attempts an axe handle on Specimen, who's winded and wounded by this barrage of brutality. With Specimen's head between Marco's thighs, that crotch grab like a vice, Marco flexes triumphantly.Even as Specimen attempts to rise, Marco keeps his head trapped while bashing him in the gut.Specimen resorts to a pec claw on Marco, which has the desired effect. Another schoolboy pin, and Specimen gets his quads around Marco's ribcage and squeezes like an anaconda. Will this spell the end for Marco? Who can survive such inhuman punishment? Or does Marco dig deep to finally defeat the hulking Specimen and assert himself as Master of the Bedroom?