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Marco Steve full Nelson submission hold submit abs chest pecs

Marco vs Steve - Mat Rats 64

$ 17.99
$ 23.49

Steve is a super cute good ol' farm country boy from Jacksonville, FL who loves to rassle and has the most amazing blue eyes with blond hair.  Not since Tak has a kid look so handsome all american.  He loves wrestling but looks too pretty to be a wrestler but boy is he’s ready to wrestle. Marco quickly finds out that Steve is a man of few words, he finds out that he isn’t here to chat, he’s here to wrestle. Marco gives up with the talking and they get right into it, Steve gets behind Marco and puts him into a choke hold, and Marco is able to wriggle himself out, but not completely out of Steve’s grasp, who continues to grapple and hold Marco down on the mat. Marco gets up after awhile and decides to show Steve some moves of his own. He picks Steve up by the leg and carries him around like that for awhile, a real test of Steve’s balancing skills. He finally falls down to the mat and the two are fighting for the upper hand. Steve tries to get Marco into some scissor holds and Marco realizes that Steve isn’t just a wrestler but has himself some MMA skills under his belt as well. They spend some time on the mat with each other, struggling to get a firm hold down. Marco is the first to succeed when he flips Steve up and over into a banana split, ouch! Steve isn’t a man of too many words though and that includes screaming in pain, Marco’s gonna have to try a lot harder. Steve may not express it, but he’s pissed Marco got the first hold after their grappling battle, he flips Marco over and puts him into an arm bar and starts to yank on his shoulder, yelling for him to tap. Marco doesn’t give in so Steve switches it up and starts to choke Marco while maintaining a strong and painful hold on his shoulder. He’s telling Marco to tap to get out of the pain, but Marco’s resilient. He manages to break out and stand up, He picks Steve up and drops him to the mat, but Steve is a slippery fellow and Marco isn’t able to maintain hold long enough to get Steve into a hold! Marco hasn’t had to work so hard against a new guy in awhile. He’s getting pissed off and picks Steve up into a bearhug to start crushing him, but Steve slips through. He lets Steve lay where he landed and starts to twist up Steve’s legs to finally get him to scream out in pain. This is an awesome high school style wrestling match with a ton of low down mat work, grappling, and pins. Who will leave the mat victor? Buy today and watch for yourself!