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Tak head scissors Marco pecs chest

Marco vs Tak - Mat Wars 47

$ 25.95

"How much is that doggy in the window?" you might ask, when you see the new mascot, Thunder, a French bulldog puppy with brains and talent to go along with his irresistible looks. This little guy has some skills! TAK is more interested in showing off Thunder's repertoire of tricks, but Marco wants to school TAK and teach him a lesson he'll never forget. The argument escalates when TAK grabs Marco's leg, and Marco grabs TAK's leg- and sweeps it out from under him. With TAK on the mat, Marco grabs his ankle, then jumps on top with a schoolboy pin to show who's boss. Marco drags TAK to his feet, but TAK manages to get a rear naked choke on Marco. What's a guy to do? A low blow answers that question, and as TAK tries to recover, Marco gets Thunder's collar and leash and puts it right on TAK. A reverse bear hug on TAK has him at Marco's mercy, and he's forced to flex by his Alpha opponent. The two athletes compare gunz, abz, pecs - Marco always finds such pose downs irresistible. While he's distracted by his own image, TAK puts an ab stretch on Marco, and punches his rockhard abs. But Marco suddenly gets a half-nelson on TAK, with his wrist in the small of his back.TAK manages a reversal and gets the same hold on Marco. Another reversal and Marco works TAK's shoulder. ANOTHER reversal, and TAK puts the strain on Marco's shoulder. Unlikely as it may look, these two seem to be on equal ground, at least for the moment.Marco applies a choke hold on TAK, then racks him on his shoulder...then down into a brutal backbreaker over his knee, punching TAK's abs with his elbow and then dumping him hard onto the mat.Amazingly, TAK gets a full nelson on Marco, and a stunning gut punch drops Marco onto his butt on the mat, breathless. Taking advantage of this turn of events, TAK plants a knee in Marco's back, and works his shoulders - then sticks Marco's head between his thighs and crushes it...But Marco slowly rises under TAK, and keeps him on his shoulders, only to press and squat with TAK as his human barbell!In retaliation, TAK drives Marco to the fireplace mantle, and delivers several stunning gut punches, then hoists Marco onto his shoulders, only to drop him to the mat and punch him in the lower back.TAK grabs Marco's leg, but Marco maneuvers TAK into a sadistic spladle, and the agonizing crotch split has TAK howling in pain. Marco manhandles TAK, keeping the crotch split in place, adding choke hold, cradle, head-crushing quads, pinning combinations, figure four to the throat...an entire barrage of attacks from Marco that surely suggest that TAK will tap out.Or will he? How many pinning combinations will Marco apply before TAK submits? How long before TAK has had enough and calls in Thunder-Pup to the rescue?!