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Marco Talon abs wrist lock pecs chest arms

Marco vs Talon - No Holds Barred 59

$ 31.25

Talon and Marco are arm wrestling to see who’s the strongest. They’re very evenly matched however, so Marco has the idea to do a leg wrestling contest instead. They get in position with their legs held high and start trying to flip the other guy over. Their legs are both ripped and they’re taking turns dominating the leg wrestling match, before Marco decides he’s had enough and goes in for a ball claw against Talon to get him out of the match. He lost the arm wrestling match, and he wasn’t about to lose the leg wrestling match as well, especially since it was his idea. Now Talon’s pissed off and Marco’s ready to win the real match of wrestling. Marco rips Talon’s arms up into a full nelson and is yanking at his shoulders. Talon’s screaming in pain, still recovering from the attack on his balls and he can’t get out. He’s starting to breathe better and begins flexing out of the full nelson, which pisses Marco off so he goes in for yet another ball claw! Talon’s staggers down to the ground in pain, and Marco doesn’t let up, he starts wrapping Talons legs up into a small package, but Talon retaliates. He starts to throw some gut punches at Marco to knock the wind out of him, and then stomps down on his balls! Marco’s in agony, and Talon’s ready to get his revenge. He pulls Marco up into a full nelson, but he starts yanking so hard, he’s lifting Marco 5 feet into the air! Marco’s screaming in pain, and Talon just pulls his arm backwards to throw him down to the mat. Marco’s struggling to breathe and Talon picks him up, slams him against the wall, and starts tormenting him with gut punches. After a couple of blows, Marco collapses to the ground, where Talon digs his foot into Marco’s back, and starts yanking his arms behind him. Marco’s screaming in pain to be released, but Talon’s in vengeance mode and is thriving off Marco’s screams. He gives Marco a break and starts flexing for the camera, showing off his domination of Marco. Marco’s caught his breath and is giving Talon as much shit as he can. He’s butt hurt about losing the first two rounds of wrestling, and getting his ass kicked after ball clawing Talon a few times. He makes Talon a deal, the winner of the next match will have his tattoo lasered off and replaced with the victors name. Who’s going to become the victor in the finale of the match? Is Marco going to eat his words, and get Talon’s name across his chest?