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Tank tortures Marco at Thunders Arena outside with a boston crab

Marco vs Tank - Bodybuilder Battle 95

$ 31.25

Massive new bodybuilder Tank takes on Thunders Arena regular Marco in this battle of massive bodybuilders. Starting things off outside with their massive muscles soaking in the hot sun, these two warriors get really heated, really quickly, almost immediately getting in a shoving match. The huge newcomer, Tank, quickly scoops Marco up into a bearhug before dumping him to the mat below and posing arrogantly over him. The two muscular men roll back and forth across the mat, with Tank coming out on top, mounting Marco and flexing triumphantly before landing some vicious gut punches. The two break apart and lock up again, this time with Tank showing off his impressive speed, ducking behind Marco and grabbing ahold of a reverse bearhug before tossing him down to the mat to land some more violent body shots and posing above him yet again, his ego as swollen as his biceps. Tank continues to toy with Marco, heaving him down to the ground and pressing his face into the mat, muscles glistening under the hot sun. Out of desperation, Marco lands a stiff punch to the abdomen in an attempt to take control, only to be taken down again by the bulldozing power of Tank, who presses all of his granite hard bodyweight down on Marco, crushing him below. Another reverse bearhug in next on the menu, as Tank squeezes like a boa constrictor from behind, before switching into a brutal crossface chickenwing hold, tearing at Marcos neck and shoulder at the same time. Continuing his absolute dominance, Tank drops Marco down into a vicious over the knee backbreaker, driving elbow shots into the exposed abs before switching to an amazing modified boston crab submission. Going back to the injured shoulder, Tank locks in an innovative double hammerlock, ripping at both shoulders while driving Marco face down into the mat at the same time. After breaking apart again, Marco shoots for a double leg takedown, only for Tank to grab a front facelock, riding him back down the the mat again. Another tight reverse bearhug from Tank punishes Marcos ribs before tank dumps him to the ground again, posing over his outsized opponent and unleashing a brutal elbow drop to the ribs. Toying with his outmatched opponent, the powerhouse newcomer Tank is as unrelenting as his is cocky. The crafty Marco manages to grab a hammerlock of his own, doing some damage to the shoulder before the surprisingly skilled Tank spins out and goes behind, taking Marco to the ground in a full nelson before grabbing another shoulder destroying hammerlock. As Tank goes to lift the beaten down Marco up and off the canvas again, Marco sees an opportunity to get ahead, and drives home a questionably placed low elbow strike and pounces on Tank to take advantage. Perhaps a simply unstoppable entity, Tank turns the tables almost immediately back in his favor, hoisting Marco high up over his shoulder and marches around in circles, humiliating him. Once back on his feet, Marco fights back the pain overcoming his body and tries to stay in the game, but the lightning quick juggernaut Tank shoots behind him again and tossing him to the canvas with a full nelson THROW before locking in his modified boston crab again, bending Marco in half. As Tank continue to pulverize Marco on the mat, Marco tries desperately to find an opening to regain control.....


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