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Tank squeezes Marco with a bearhug in Thunders Arena

Marco vs Tank - Custom Video Series 46

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Rip n' Strip Match

Marco has been shopping in New York and turns up for his match with Tank in a streamlined bodysuit.  Tank, wearing a traditional singlet, is far from impressed by Marco’s claim that his suit is ‘the future of wrestling’ – the two start trash talking and ridiculing the other over their choice of gear!  Trash talking gives way to shoving and the match begins!

Tank throws Marco against the wall, driving forearms into his abs before throwing him to the mat, ripping his suit!  Tank clamps a headlock on Marco, smothering him with his pecs!  Tank pulls Marco up in a chinlock, adding a choke in for good measure!  Tank is rage personified as he flips Marco over, drilling blow after blow into Marco’s midsection!  Marco is defenceless as Tank throws him around the mat, his expensive bodysuit now a ripped mess!  Rip ‘n’ Strip!  Marco again comments on Tank’s height, which just provokes Tank even more!  Quick as a flash, Tank wraps his massive arm around Marco’s neck, clamping on a sleeper – Marco is out!  An unconscious Marco can do nothing as Tank rips off the rest of his suit, revealing Marco’s favourite blue trunks!  To humiliate the Thunder’s veteran further, Tank revives him with a cup of water thrown in his face!  Marco wakes up, realises what has happened and snaps in a rage!  Marco’s arm shoots up between Tank’s legs, grabbing his crotch and bringing the big man down to the mat!

Marco removes the shreds of his state-of-the-art suit and unleashes on Tank’s wide back, raining blows down on the thick lats!  Marco wraps his legs around Tank in a rear body scissor, showing off his technique to the bodybuilder.  Marco is out to teach the muscle beast a lesson!  Marco pins Tank down and repeatedly attacks his balls!  Marco catches Tank in a modified ab stretch on the mats, pulling his body in directions it’s not used to going!  Tank flails wildly in his attempts to escape, but Marco is a skilful mat wrestler and keeps the hold locked on.  Another ball claw has Marco telling Tank to submit, but he refuses!  Marco responds with a LOW FOREARM BLOW!!  Tank is rolling in agony as Marco grabs his arm and leg for a Bow & Arrow hold!  Marco scissors the arm to add even more pressure!  Tank was not expecting this!  Another low blow and Marco clamps a sleeper of his own, his arms wrapped TIGHT around the behemoth’s neck!  Tank is out cold on the mat!

Marco isn’t done though, slapping Tank awake.  The bodybuilder comes too with a start, launching himself at Marco and wrapping his bulging arms around him in a CRUSHIGN BEARHUG!  Tank is still weakened and Marco manages to escape, shoving Tank against the wall and drilling fists into his abs!  Marco decides to highlight the weakness of the singlet by partially pulling the straps down, trapping the bodybuilder arms against his sides!  Marco lifts Tank up in a rear bearhug, humiliating the bodybuilder!  Marco rides Tank into the mat, elbowing him in the back and stretching him out!  But Tank still refuses to give!  Marco strips Tank completely of his singlet, revealing tight designer trunks!  Marco applies hold after hold, but Tank will not give – what does Marco have to do to get a submission?! 

This is a battle of new school vs old and technique vs ultimate muscle, between two great wrestlers who really can’t stand each other!  The trash talking flows freely as the two lay into each other with bearhugs, sleepers, arm locks, blows and tight stretches!  Can Marco teach the bodybuilder a lesson and claim the win?  Or will Tank’s phenomenal muscle and strength win the day?  Get this match today and find out for yourself!