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Marco vs Tank - No Holds Barred 104

$ 34.75

Brutal Bodybuilder Ball Bash!

“Oh, this is gonna be brutal!” “Just a little bit.”

Marco and Tank have met on the mat before so have a history going into this one.  Marco actually look intimidated as he sees the thick, hard, muscular physique of Tank who has only gotten more powerful and strong since they last met!  Tank laughs at the look on Marco’s face, eager to put a hurt on the popular superstar!  Marco gets to his feet and the two lock up – Tank gets the advantage and whips behind Marco, wrapping his arms around for a rear bearhug.  Tank easily lifts Marco off the ground as his MASSIVE pythons squeeze the air out of Marco’s lungs!  Tank bounces Marco in the hold, crunching his back before dumping him to the mat.  Marco clutches his lower back as Tank’s arm snakes around his neck, his THICK forearm tight against Marco’s throat.  He lets Marco go, only to shove his head between his enormous quads for another brutal squeeze!  “No, not the legs!” Marco begs.  Has Marco bitten off more than he can chew?

Tank REALLY loves to punish his victims relentlessly and today is no different – he fires two low blows into Marco’s nuts, then literally kicks his ass as he crumples to the mat!  Another ball calw from Tank – Marco responds by grabbing a faceful of Tank’s beard!  That’s just NASTY!  Tank is more than a little annoyed as he stalks behind Marco, going right back to the Standing Headscissor, but this time Tank adds to the pain by pulling up on Marco’s arms!  “Go on, get out of it” taunts Tank, knowing full well that Marco is trapped and at the bodybuilder’s mercy!  But Tank has more in store for Marco, letting him go and firing another blow to Marco’s balls, then decides to upgrade that to a kick!

Tank mounts Marco, raining blows down on his sternum before attacking the nuts again!  Has Marco ever taken this much battering before?  Marco tries to concede the match, but Tank is having WAY too much fun!  “No more, no more” begs Marco – Tank responds with another kick to the balls!  Marco resorts to cheap tricks, distracting Tank and slapping on a sleeper – but Tank throws him off!  Marco is being UTTERLY DESTROYED!!!  Tank starts flexing in Marco’s face, leaving himself open for Marco to grab his beard again!  “Now you’re gonna submit to me!”  Tank tells Marco to let go of the beard, but Marco refuses.  “What are you gonna do, Muscleman?”  Oh Marco, you had to go and run your mouth!  Tank becomes enraged, firing a HARD blow into Marco’s balls one, two, three, FOUR times!  Every hit will make you wince in sympathy as Marco’s manhood is obliterated!

Suddenly a low blow from Marco sees Tank on his knees!  The fan-favourite sits on Tank’s back, pulling his head up by his chin!  Tank tries to regroup, but Marco drives his HEEL into Tank’s balls!  Marco gets a taste for revenge as he rains blow after blow down on Tank’s abs before slapping on a Boston Crab!  Tank is trapped, but Marco isn’t satisfied with just the Crab – one extra ball grab coming up!   Can Marco keep the momentum and snatch a victory from the jaws of utter defeat?  Or will Tank’s muscle and absolute power be too much for Marco to handle?  This match reaches now levels of brutality and pain – you definitely won’t want to miss this!