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Marco the Brit bodyscissors submission chest pecs abs

Marco vs The Brit - Rough & Ready 54

$ 34.75

Thunders gets a visit from across the pond by The Brit a wisecracking, handsome 155 pounder who takes on Marco a tough, muscular grappler from Western Pennsylvania who hasnt yet lost a match at Thunders. The cocky Brit is unimpressed with the American and the two exchange some pretty nasty - and hot - trash talk. When they lock up, the Brit demonstrates impressive mat skills, but Marco manages a school boy pin, asking the Brit if he would like some tea and two little biscuits as he puts his crotch in the Brits face. The Brit escapes and he puts Marco against the wall for some gut punching. Marcos rock solid abs take the pounding and then he delivers some gut punches of his own. After pounding the Brits abs, Marco puts him in an over-the-shoulder carry, asking him What should I do with you Mary Poppins? Then Marco kneels, flips the Brit to the mat and applies a leg hold. The Brit skillfully slips from the hold and puts Marco in a head scissors, face down on the mat, telling Marco: Take it bitch, like your mother took it. Holding Marco in the scissor for a good long time, the Brit, toys with him, playing drums on Marcos butt, saying he is going to play sweet music on your sweet fat ass. The Brit mockingly calls for Jeeves to bring him some tea and crumpets, and plays this little piggy with Marcos fingers. Tough Marco eventually breaks free of the humiliating British domination by using his amazing strength to stand while the Brit still has his legs clamped onto Marcos head. Marco then lowers the Brit to the mat and puts him into a standing head scissors, with a little arm torture thrown in for good measure. When they lock up again, Marco goes for a takedown, but the skilled Brit gets him into another head scissors. Again Marco gets out of the hold by standing while the Brit still applies the hold. But this time the Brit is hanging over Marcos back and he escapes by grabbing the back of Marcos skimpy trunks and giving him a wedgey followed by a dirty punch to Marcos crumpets. The Brit then tries to roll Marco up in a cradle, but Marco counters and gets the Brit in a side headlock. With the cocky Brit immobilized, Marco flexes his arm in the Brits face, exposing a tattoo that says strength. Marco tells the Brit to read it. The Brit is still defiant and calls Marco a bitch. The Brit wiggles out of the hold and locks both of Marcos arms behind his back. With Marco trapped, the Brit does some pretty hot trash talking about Marcos lips and British boy bands. But Marco uses his superior strength to break from the hold and puts the Brit in a painful over the knee backbreaker followed by a Boston crab. Then Marco drops a leg smash across the Brits already tender lower back. The Brit screams in pain. Marco continues his domination by putting the Brits head between his legs for a standing leg scissors and messing up the Brits perfect hair. With the hold in place, Marco flexes his biceps and admires his own washboard abs until the Brit finally taps out. After an over- the-shoulder carry, Marco asks the battered Brit if he is going to give up, but the Brit refuses, saying Im English. Marco applies a standing arm bar, but the Brit trips Marco up and locks him in a rear choke hold. Marco struggles to get free, saying I cant breathe. Just when it looks like Marco is about to pass out and submit to the conceited Brit, he manages to get in a punch to the Brits crown jewels, breaking the hold. Marco gets to his feet, but the Brit is so beaten down that he can only stagger to his knees. Marco drops him with a punch to the gut. Now the tough American grappler plays with the beaten Brit, putting his foot on his back while flexing, picking him up and flipping him to the mat at will. The Brit pathetically says No. No. as Marco dangles his junk over the Brits face, asking him if he wants tea. With the Brit begging Marco to stop, Marco finishes him off with a two handed choke lift, a press and a side headlock that leaves the once swaggering Brit out cold. Flexing his muscular body over the beaten Brit, the tough kid from Pittsburgh says Thats how we do it in America, Harry Potter.