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Marco vs Turbo - No Holds Barred 88

Marco vs Turbo - No Holds Barred 88

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

“F**k, I don’t remember you being this good!”

Last seen taking on Frey in Mat Rats 62, Turbo has returned to Thunder’s Arena to take on all comers!  His first opponent?  Mr Mike has chosen fan-favourite and reigning mat Superstar Marco as Turbo’s return match!  Or should that be rematch – these two musclestuds have wrestled before, something which Marco wastes no time in reminding Turbo of!  Turbo is unfazed though, dropping into the wrestler’s stance, ready to go.  Turbo has clearly been getting some matches in somewhere as he gets behind Marco, taking him down to the mat for a pin!  But pins don’t count here – only submission!  Marco slaps on a tight bearhug, taking Turbo to the mat and grounding him in a single-leg crab.  Marco splits Turbo’s legs apart, leaving the hapless stud open for a blatant ball grab!  “Remember this move?”  Marco stalks his prey, but Turbo lives up to his name as he quickly grabs Marco, dragging him back down to the mat.  But Marco has had countless matches since their last encounter and Turbo suddenly finds himself trapped in a cradle- with added ball claw!  Marco is enjoying the challenge of the feisty Turbo, clamping a Full Nelson on the struggling stud, before switching to a text-book ab-stretch!  Again, Marco adds a low blow!  Marco wraps his legs around Turbo’s midsection for a crushing bodyscissor!  Turbo point blank refuses to submit, again using his speed – Marco suddenly finds himself on his back in Turbo’s choke hold!

Sweat literally pours from both of these gladiators as they work each other over HARD.  A Boston Crab from Marco has Turbo hurting, but not quitting!  Another lock-up and Marco gets a taste of his own Spladle!  Turnabout is fair play as Turbo attacks Marco’s balls!  Turbo can taste victory as he spladles Marco again!  Marco turns up his game, locking up again and hoisting Turbo up over his shoulders.  Turbo struggles and squirms, but Marco keeps him at bay.  Marco dumps Turbo to the mat, following up with an arm-bar!  Marco’s legs are across Turbo’s face as he applies pressure to the hold – Turbo begs for mercy, but that isn’t what Marco wants to hear!  Another spladle from Marco, but Turbo’s body is slick with sweat and he’s able to escape!  There’s so much sweat that it could almost be an oil match now!  Marco unloads with hold after painful hold, but Turbo keeps coming back for more!  An excruciating chicken-wing has Marco grimacing in pain, begging Turbo not to wreck his shoulder!  Marco escapes, straddling Turbo and unloading on his abs!  Marco sits on Turbo’s chest, framing his face between his powerful thighs.  Knowing that won’t be enough to get a submission, Marco releases the hold, but Turbo is too quick – he goes right back on the attack, targeting Marco’s shoulder and knee!

This is mat action at its best – fast, sweaty and unrelenting!  The ultimate match of Marco’s skill and dirty tactics vs Turbo’s unwavering spirit and determination.  This one will keep you coming back time and time again – destined to be on your favourites list for a long time to come!