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Marco Vein mat wrestling grappling Thunders Arena submission

Marco vs Vein - Custom Video Series 22

$ 31.25

This battle begins as a testosterone-driven shoving match between two superbly conditioned but widely contrasted physique athletes. Marco goes for Vein's legs, and surprises the big man by somersaulting over his shoulder, onto Vein's broad back. He proceeds to flip Vein onto his back, and as Vein struggles, Marco tenaciously clings to his back. Vein makes it to standing with Marco still holding tight, trying to apply a full nelson. But all Marco can get is a bear hug, and they fall to the mat. Marco controls Vein's head, therefore his powerful body as well. Marco grabs Vein's leg and drops him to the mat, climbs on top of Vein for a quick near-pin fall. Marco gets a choke hold on Vein, and squeezes tight, choking Vein, into another pin fall combination, and Vein is forced to tap out.

Marco grabs Vein by the waist and into a rear naked choke with his legs wrapped around the waist. The tenacious Marco will not let go of Vein's leg as he struggles to his feet. Both men try for bearhugs, with Vein ending up behind Marco for his powerful vice grip.Marco elbows Vein and escapes, and amazingly manages to get Vein up onto his shoulders, executing some presses and squats to humiliate the bodybuilder. He throws Vein to the mat, posing over him with a foot on Vein's pecs.

Marco is unrelenting, and gets Vein in a bear hug before he can rise to his feet. As he tries to stand, Marco rolls him onto his back, taunting him with another near pin fall.

They lock-up and go right into a Power Challenge, pushing shoulder to shoulder like blocking dummies. Marco dives for Vein's leg, but Vein gets him in a half-nelson, kneeling on top of Marco.

Marco powers out, grabs Vein's head and twists his neck, forcing him into a tight cradle, with brutal crotch split and choke hold applied. Marco continues to dominate, staying on top of Vein's back, rolling him up and into another tight package, sadistically splitting his crotch, til Vein has to tap out.

But Marco's not finished putting Vein in his place, and he stays on top with another cradle that forces Vein's shoulders to the mat. The bodybuilder is showing signs of wear and tear already, and Marco smells blood in the water. He climbs on Vein's back and forces Vein's head between his thighs, with an arm bar on the left elbow that has Vein struggling in pain. When Marco relents, Vein attacks...

But Marco evades him and applies a choke hold/front facelock on Vein, driving him down to the mat, onto his back. Marco straddles Vein, his big arm trapped behind his back, in excruciating agony, stunned by the power and agility of the smaller wrestler.

They lock-up again, with Marco taunting Vein. A leg sweep drops Vein to the mat with Marco right onto his back, then his quads wrapped around Vein's head and neck in a vice grip. Marco flexes in triumph as he chokes Vein...but incredibly, Vein slowly rises to his feet with Marco still on his back!

Vein drops Marco, who is stunned by the bodybuilder's power and stamina. Vein gets a rear naked choke on Marco, then into a full nelson as punishing revenge.Vein arrogantly tosses Marco aside, then applies a killer ab stretch, on BOTH sides of Marco's ripped torso. But Marco manages to flip Vein onto his back and climb back on top of him, gradually into a humiliating schoolboy pin, while flexing over Vein.

Vein gets to his feet, grabs Marco's legs, but in vain...Marco's on his back, cranking his shoulder with Vein's head between his powerful thighs. Adding an arm bar for good measure, Marco has Vein trapped, and muscles him into a crushing cradle as pinning combination, Vein's legs agonizingly splayed.
See if Vein can escape and who wins by buying the match.