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Marco vs Viking - Vegas Battles 23

Marco vs Viking - Vegas Battles 23

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Viking is relaxing in front of the box after a hard day’s wrestling in Vegas, when Marco bursts in demanding to switch channels.  Viking is in the mood for some Sons of Anarchy, but Marco wants to watch the cooking channel (!).  Marco snatches the remote from Viking, ready to change the channel but Viking snatches it back.  Marco loses his temper, throwing a cushion at Viking and jumping up onto the couch – Viking just looks at him and calmly stands up, drawing himself to his full 6’6”.  Viking drops the remote on the couch and, as Marco leans down to retrieve it, slaps Marco’s pec before lashing out and clasping Marco’s throat in his hand, shoving him back against the wall!  “I said I’m watching Sons of Anarchy.”  Viking puts both hands around Marco’s neck, hoisting him high off the couch!  As if that wasn’t humiliating enough, Viking carries Marco over to the other side of the room and rams his head into the low ceiling!  Viking rams Marco’s head two more times before throwing him hard to the mat – Viking kneels behind him and wraps his big arms around Marco’s neck for an air-tight sleeper hold – Marco goes out like a light!

Marco comes too, only for Viking to scoop him over his shoulder (spanking his ass for good measure!) and take him outside to the balcony where the Vegas night and some wrestling mats are waiting!  Viking is determined to teach the petulant stud a lesson, holding him aloft whilst posing for the camera!  “That’s my cover shot, right there!”  Viking dumps Marco to the mat and calmly waits for him to get up and try something!  Marco fires shots into Viking’s pecs, to no avail – but a low blow does the trick!  Marco straddles Viking’s head, grabbing his hair and pulling him up into a standing head scissor, before falling to the mat.  Marco slaps a vicious arm bar on the Goliath-like wrestler, before letting him go and posing over his prone body.  Viking is in pain as Marco presses home his advantage, clamping on a spine-warping Camel Clutch.  It’ll take a lot more than that to get a submission out of Viking though, so Marco switches to a knee-wrecking leg lock!  Marco grins as Viking suffers in the painful hold, but still he refuses to submit!  Marco rains blows down on Viking’s abs, but he gets overconfident.  Marco starts showboating and posing, flexing his hard-earned muscle for the camera.  When he turns to show his best side, Viking seizes his moment, launching up and slapping another sleeper on the superstar!  Catching Marco completely by surprise, Viking clamps it on hard and sends Marco back to La La Land!

Viking isn’t done yet though – he wakes Marco only to choke him again with his own arm!  Every muscle in Viking’s impressive chest bulges out as he pulls back HARD on Marco’s arm!  Marco again succumbs to the Viking’s pure, unstoppable power!  Viking shows off his incredible physique for the camera as Marco starts to come too.  Can Marco come back and upset the muscle hunk?  Or will Viking out Marco away for good?  One thing’s for sure, this is a titanic match that you won’t soon forget!  Vegas does it again!