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Marco vs Vinny - No Holds Barred 80

Marco vs Vinny - No Holds Barred 80

$ 34.75

“Real men wear purple”

Marco and Vinny are both long-time members of the Thunder’s Arena roster, so it’s amazing they haven’t met on the mats until now!  They both have well-earned bad boy reputations (with attitudes to match) and both LOVE to trash talk their opponents.  So what happens when the two of them are matched together?  Fireworks!

Marco is looking as ripped as ever in new white and blue trunks when Vinny comes in asking Marco “what’s up bitch?”  That’s just the start – these two lay into each other with a non-stop tirade of trash talk and verbal abuse.  There’s more dialogue here than an episode of The West Wing!  Vinny ups the ante by getting in Marco’s face, going pec to pec, using his size to try and intimidate him.  Marco responds by flexing his huge biceps at Vinny, showing off his hard-earned gains!  Vinny goes in for another chest shove but suddenly wraps his arms around Marco for a bear hug!  “I thought you’d be wider” quips the New Yorker.  Marco weathers the pain until Vinny throws him to the mat!  Marco bounds back up and Vinny goes in for an encore bearhug, switching to a full nelson and using his height to bear down on the shorter musclestud!  Sensing Marco is about to escape, Vinny changes up to an Ab Stretch, showcasing Marco’s outstanding six-pack!  Marco finally has enough and scoops Vinny up over his shoulder.  “I don’t appreciate the way you been talkin’ to me, so I’m gonna have to kick your ass!”  Marco holds Vinny upside down as he tears his legs apart before dumping him to the mat and going to town on his midsection!  Blow after blow after blow, Marco hammers fists down on Vinny’s abs HARD!  Marco furthers Vinny’s humiliation with his signature Schoolboy Pin, forcing Vinny to worship his abs!  Vinny doesn’t take too kindly to that, using his legs to propel Marco backwards and hammering some blows of his own!  Vinny cranks a headscissor on Marco before yanking him up into another full nelson, again using his height advantage!  Vinny takes Marco to the mat, locking him up and raining forearm blows down on his torso.  But Marco escapes and retaliates by sitting on Vinny’s chest and clawing his balls!  “Get your hands off my nuts!” says Vinny.  Marco does exactly that, replacing his hands with the point of his elbow!  Vinny pushes Marco off balance, catching him in a scissor hold across his chest, torqueing the arm for added pressure!  No submission though, so Vinny switches to a sleeper hold!  Marco is fading fast, his amazing physique useless in Vinny’s grip – Marco is out!

Vinny folds Marco’s legs up, pulling back on his neck and stretching the bodybuilder out.  In desperation, Marco fires an elbow into Vinny’s ribs, stunning the bad boy before pressing his foot on Vinny’s balls!  Marco drags Vinny up into a rear bearhug, then shows off his awesome strength as he throws the bigger man up over his shoulders!  Marco grabs Vinny’s balls for good measure, before dropping him and slapping on a revenge sleeper of his own.  Vinny tries to escape, but when Marco’s massive biceps start digging in, you’re done – Vinny sinks into oblivion and it’s tied!

Ab punches, chokes, ball grabs, stretches, arm locks, pressure holds and back breakers – these two are far from done. A draw just won’t do for these bad boys!  They keep going, pummelling and punishing each other with hold after hold, until one wrestler finally snaps and absolutely unloads on the other!  A brutal ab-bashing finale to a long-awaited match!  Get it today!