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Marco Woody sleeper submission abs

Marco vs Woody - Battlespace 90

$ 25.95

Woody is new to Thunder’s Arena and is taking on fan favourite Marco!  Woody, decked out in red square cuts, clearly has an amateur background as he starts on all fours in the classic position.  Marco is going to show him wrestling, Thunder’s style!  Marco takes Woody down with a single leg before cradling the leg and pinning him down!  Marco is easing Woody into it, letting him know how things are done, schoolboy pinning him and flexing in his face!  Woody is having none of that as he shoves Marco off of him.  Woody gets behind Marco, pulling him backwards and trapping him down.  But a rookie mistake has Woody giving Marco his legs, allowing the cocky superstar to pin and completely immobilise the newcomer!  Marco goes for a headscissor, but doesn’t get it on fully before Woody escapes!

Woody again shows his amateur skills as he rides Marco’s back before falling back and cinching in a rear choke!  Marco isn’t going to allow that and slams Woody’s hand to the mat!  Woody barely has time to register the pain before Marco has grabbed his legs, wrapping them up in a modified figure-four!  Marco asks Woody if he wants to submit, but he refuses, his groans echoing around the mat room.  Marco clamps on a nasty Boston Crab, driving his glutes HARD into Woody’s back!  Still he refuses to submit, even managing to power out!   Woody again stalls Marco on the mat, but that won’t work for long – Marco powers up, throwing the rookie off of him!  Woody lands hard as Marco follows up with a headlock before clamping Woody’s head between his thighs and flexing!  Marco grabs Woody’s legs, pulling them back and stretching his hamstrings before lifting him up in a modified teardrop hold!   Marco stretches Woody’s arms out wide, before peeling him off the mat!  Marco then clamps on a devastating ELEVATED HEADSCISSOR!  Woody is slapping the mat in agony as Marco schools him!  As if that wasn’t enough, a standing headscissor from Marco!  The bodybuilder flexes as he crushes poor Woody’s skull!  Woody tries to get up, but the sadistic Marco keeps kicking him down!  But Marco gets seriously overconfident, commiting the cardinal sin of wrestling – turning you back on your opponent!  Woody seizes the opportunity, wrapping Marco up first in a full nelson, then lifts him off the ground in a rear bearhug, shaking the surprised superstar from side to side!  Blows and kicks to the head from Woody!  Woody’s looks fired up as he clamps on a crab of his own!  Woody is a big fan of bearhugs, using them to great effect against Marco!

Woody lifts Marco high and slams him down over his knee in a backbreaker!  The stunned Marco can only look on as Woody wraps his legs around him for a scissor / choke! Marco snaps and drives multiple elbow blows into Woody’s midsection, before flipping him over into a choking headlock!  Marco may have underestimated Woody, but he won’t make that mistake again!  Marco is seriously hacked off kicking Woody down and clawing his balls!  Woody DEFINITELY wasn’t expecting that!  Single leg crabs, upside-down bearhugs, more ball claws – a chin lock / standing headscissor combination has Woody in agony!  Marco wraps his arms around Woody’s neck for a sleeper, pinning his big arms with his legs!  Marco unloads on Woody’s balls, crushing and squeezing them, even punching them, but he still refuses to submit!  The annoyance and frustration is showing on Marco’s face as he tries to put the upstart away!

Can Marco get the newcomer to submit? Or can Woody withstand the onslaught?  Get this mat battle today to find out for yourself!  Welcome to Thunder’s Arena, Woody!