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Mario Angel tattoos bearhug pecs chest arms

Mario vs Angel with Big Sexy - 2011 Auditions Video Series Part 5

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

The auditions continue with Angel running the guys threw the interview process. This week Mario comes in to Audition, he is 6 feet tall and 220 lbs of solid muscle. After a talk with Big Sexy he starts in his tryout with Angel. They start out doing basic moves like full nelsons, scissor holds, powerful bearhugs. The back and forth doing moves is going well but Angel really turns on the attitude and starts to talk down to Mario. He doesn't put up with that kind of disrespect and starts pulling out power moves like overhead slams down on the mat and putting the hurt on Angel with powerful submission holds. Angel gets an injury so bad that he can't continue the tryout, Will Mario be the new destroyer to come into Thunder's Arena? Don't miss the surprise ending to find out!