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Flex off Thunders arena

Mark Muscle and Tank vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 65

$ 32.95

“What kind of car are you driving these days?” “It doesn’t matter when you have THIS size arm hanging out the window!”

Wow – has there ever been this much muscle on the mats at Thunder’s Arena?  Mark Muscle and Tank, both in trunks and both looking HUGE!  The conversation immediately turns to a war of words, two Alpha’s staking out their claim to be top dog.  Trash talk turns to a posedown, the two comparing flex for flex – Mark Muscle’s height helps him tower over the shorter Tank but, man, Tank is just the ultimate package of dense, thick and hard muscle! The two continue to flex and pose – muscle lovers will be in absolute heaven – Tank’s unbelievable front lat spread will have you reaching for the pause button!  Tank looks incredible as he cranks out pose after pose!

Peaked biceps, thick lats and bouncing pecs - the two muscle gods are so absorbed in their contest that neither of them notices the arrival of Blayne!   Blayne has fought both of these guys before and he would LOVE to get some payback!  He creeps up unnoticed, but at the last second thinks better of it and backs down – only to come back with two bottles in hand!  With Tank and Mark’s backs to him, Blayne raises his arms and SMASH!  He crashes the bottles over their heads, dropping both of them like felling a couple of massive trees!  Blayne is ecstatic – he has wanted this for SO long!  “Feels good up here – both of my victims lying face down in front of me.  We’re gonna have som fun tonight boys!”  Blayne is relishing his dominance, soaking in feeling of being the last man standing.  The two hulks are out cold on the mats!  Blayne walks around, surveying the devastation, the camera lingering over the two incredible bodies lying prone on the floor.  Mark Muscle’s trunks can barely contain his glutes!  Blayne decides to have some fun, positioning his victims against the sofa – then he grabs some rope and duct tape…

Cut to Mark and Tank trussed up like Turkeys as Blayne looks on in glee at his handiwork!  The bodybuilders are bound and gagged from head to foot – who knew that Blayne had this in him!  As he goes off to ‘prep’ for the beating he’s about to inflict, Mark and Tank try to flex and hulk their way out of their bondage!  Tank eventually succeeds and frees Mark – now Blayne is in trouble!  “Woah, how’d you guys get out?”

Can Blayne overcome the odds and survive the wrath of Tank and Muscle?  Can Blayne outsmart his rivals?  Or will he live to regret his earlier cheap attack?

Big vs Little, Posedowns, Muscle Bondage, 2 on 1 action and tiny trunks – what more could you want?