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Mark Muscle vs Bolt - Rough & Ready 95

Mark Muscle vs Bolt - Rough & Ready 95

$ 31.25

Oh boy – if you like big vs little matches, then you’re in for a super-sized treat as Thunder’s Arena brings you Bolt vs the massive Mark Muscle!

Bolt, wearing pink squarecut trunks, is on the mat flexing and posing, exuding self-confidence, whilst Mark Muscle stands by, silently watching.  Mark Muscle’s purple trunks can barely contain his massive glutes as he moves towards Bolt, getting his huge muscles in Bolt’s face!  Mark flexes his huge physique, trying to intimidate his smaller opponent – but Bolt is not easily dissuaded, matching the bodybuilder pose for pose!  Bolt suddenly fires an elbow into Mark’s chest, but he absorbs the shot, bouncing his huge pecs in response!  Bolt decides to go lower, sinking fist after fist into Mark’s abs, before actually dropping him with a knee lift!  Bolt drives his knee into the bodybuilder’s spine, pulling his arms back and stretching his massive chest!  Bolt pulls Mark to his feet, firing a lightning-quick punch into his abs before trying to lift the behemoth over his shoulders – not gonna happen, Bolt!  He tries to choke lift the giant, again to no avail.  More blows to Mark’s abs, but this time the muscle stud sees them coming and tenses, the punches glancing off like rain off a pavement!  “You about ready for me to stop playing around?”  Mark moves around in front of Bolt, completely eclipsing the smaller wrestler with his widescreen back!  The two pose off again, with Mark Muscle showing the camera why he got that name!  “Is that all you can do?  Flex?” Bolt taunts the bodybuilder, challenging him to show him something – challenge accepted!  Mark shoves Bolt’s head down, hoisting him up into an upside-down bearhug!  Bolt knows he’s in trouble as he flails around, desperately trying to escape from the crushing embrace!  Mark drops Bolt to the mat, bouncing his pecs to intimidate him.  Bolt tries to fire another shot into Mark’s midsection, but Mark is faster, grabbing Bolt’s arm and dragging him over into an over-the-knee backbreaker!  Mark pushes down on Bolt’s body, arching his spine!  “Let me go!” begs Bolt – Mark releases him and starts to flex for the camera.  Bolt comes in again, but Mark catches him, lifting him up into a GORILLA PRESS!!!

Mark Muscle is relentless in his domination as he slaps on an arm bar / scissors combination, crushing his prey!  A rear bearhug has Bolt screaming out in desperation as searing pain shoots through his body!  Mark Muscle is all smiles as he pushes Bolt to the mat, pulling his arms back into a kneeling surfboard – Bolt has nowhere to go!  Mark Muscle flexes his lats – “You thought you could step into the ring with this?”  Bolt recovers and goes for the legs, but the hulking musclestud just laughs and lifts Bolt up into a rib-snapping bearhug!  Bolt is dropped to the floor, writhing in agony! Forearm blows to Mark’s massive pecs are met with a huge chokelift!  Bolt’s face is turning blue as Mark Muscle crushes the breath out of him! A STANDING HEADSCISSORS from the muscle mountain has Bolt begging!  But Bolt keeps coming back for more!

Can Bolt find the chink in the muscle god’s armour and seize a victory?  Or will Mark’s Muscle prove too much for the veteran wrestler to handle?  An utterly humiliating ending!  One thing is for sure, Bolt won’t forget this match anytime soon, and neither will you!  Add it to your collection today!