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Mark Muscle vs Dom9 - Mat Rats 122

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Broken rules and disrespect quickly turns into broken bones and DOMINATION! Mark Muscle is called in as referee to make sure Dom9 and Iceman18 have a clean match. Tying up, Iceman18 lifts Dom9 in a crushing rear bearhug, slams his abs over his knee, and wraps Dom9 in a RIB-CRACKING body scissors! Gasping for air, Dom9 suffers a double pec claw and begins worshipping Iceman18 locking on a dirty trick. Angry, Mark Muscle breaks the wrestlers up warning Dom Knight to follow his rules. Iceman18 lifts Dom9 in a fireman's carry SHAKING him around then slams him to the mat. Dom9 recovers and mounts Iceman18's abs for brutal gut punches; Iceman18 screams in pain suffering secret titty twisters, muscle worship, and dirty tricks before the referee catches him again. "I already warned you once!" yells Mark Muscle YANKING Dom9 to his feet by his harness. Iceman18 lifts Dom9 in a belly to belly bearhug SLAMMING him on his back for gut punch revenge, but Dom Knight strikes with a dirty trick. Full of rage, Mark Muscle declares Iceman18 the winner sending him away, so he can teach Dom9 a lesson. Taking off his pants, Mark Muscle wraps his powerful pythons around Dom9 in a crushing belly to belly bearhug SQUEEZING the air from his lungs as he collapses to the mat. "You disrespected me! This is my ring; you play by my rules!" threatens Mark Muscle dragging Dom9 to his feet; his bulging bicep locked tight around Dom9's throat. Struggling to break free, Dom9 is lifted mid-air in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson and slammed down. Dom9 tries crawling away as Mark Muscle wraps his powerful quads around Dom9's skull, SMACKS his glutes over and over, and takes off his harness. Struggling to breathe, Dom9 crumbles to the mat and is picked up in a tight rear bearhug. "Now you can pay the price; take my shirt off!" orders Mark Muscle. "Make me!" taunts Dom9. His blood boiling, Mark Muscle continues his torture with a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug, choke-lift, and vicious armbar. Dom9 pleads for mercy as a crushing sleeper has him laid out on his back. The 290lbs Mark Muscle puts his knee on Dom9's chest ordering him again to take off his shirt. His ribs CRACKING under the giant's weight, Dom9 agrees and is let go. Back on his feet, Dom9 jumps on Mark Muscle's back trying for a sleeper but is taken down in a powerful full nelson. The dominant Mark Muscle yanks off his victim's black trunks SMACKING Dom9's beefy glutes as a giant red mark starts to appear. Forced into submission, Dom9 finally peels the referee's shirt off, but his torture continues. A crushing belly to belly bearhug has Dom9 CLAWING Mark Muscle's gorilla-size chest and arms trying to escape. "You're a cheater; you need to be punished!" threatens Mark Muscle ready to break his victim apart limb by limb. A grueling ab stretch, body scissors, titty twisters, rake to the abs, viselike headlocks, torture rack, and hammerlock lead to a brutal knockout and SURPRISE end!