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Mark Muscle Duke posing butt muscle worship

Mark Muscle vs Duke - Bodybuilder Battle 107

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

“I wasn’t done watching you flex…”

Duke is one of our newest wrestlers and he’s been catching attention from pretty much everyone, fans and other wrestlers alike - and with his incredible physique and wrestling skill, who can blame them?  One such admirer is the huge Mark Muscle!  Always keen to scope out the competition, Mark challenges Duke to a flexing show to compare each other’s muscles!  And oh, what a show!  Treading the line between comparison and worship (and skipping over it more than once!), these two incredible specimens flex and pose at each other – tensing pecs, flexing biceps and flaring lats, this is a show you won’d want to miss!  They turn around to show off their backs – Mark has the size, but Duke has the definition.  Mark Muscle starts to intimidate Duke, bouncing his massive pecs in Duke’s face.  Mark can’t keep his hands off of the ripped Duke!  They match each other pose for pose – lat spreads, thighs, double biceps, you name it!  Suddenly, Mark wraps a big arm around Duke’s neck – “Flex for me, show me how you flex.”  “Yeah?”  “Yeah – show it to me.”

Mark wants to see more and he’s willing to use violence to get what he wants!  Slapping on a Full Nelson, Mark says he wants to see “those washboard abs.”  Duke crunches down, his abs popping even as he struggles to escape from the painful hold!  Mark switches to a rear bearhug, demanding to see a Most Muscular.  “You’ll have to squeeze harder than that if you want to cut off my…” Duke can barely finish the sentence as Mark does just that, crushing his midsection even more!  Mark is all smiles as he shakes Duke from side to side, showing off his dominance.  Mark releases his prey, stepping back to admire his handiwork before going in for another choke on poor Duke!  This time, Mark growls in Duke’s ear “let me see those biceps.”  Duke manages to slide out of the choke and starts showing off his impressive arms – Mark dives low and lifts Duke off the ground, carrying him around the mat!

The two musclehunks lock up for a Test of Strength!  Mark Muscle definitely has the size advantage, which he uses to overwhelm the smaller Duke, driving him to the mat and straddling his chest before dragging Duke into Mark’s waiting thighs!  Mark keeps the scissor in place as he demands that Duke flex for him, his tree-trunk quads ready to punish Duke should he defy Mark’s wishes!  But defy them Duke does and Mark isn’t happy!  The Muscle Monster starts to work over Duke with chokes, hammer locks, hair pulls and scissor stretches! But Duke escapes, whirling around and slapping on a scissor choke of his own!  Duke switches to a scissor / nelson combo, stretching out Mark’s body!  But Mark’s muscle isn’t just for show – he flexes down, breaking the hold and forcing Duke to switch to a rear bearhug.  Duke rolle them over, hammering both of Mark’s massive arms high up his back.  But Duke gets distracted by Mark’s wide back and hamstrings, almost losing his control!  Duke rolls them over again, catching Mark’s head in a scissor, but Mark slips out!  Getting quickly to his feet, Mark goes back to his devastating rear bearhug, eager to crush the fight out of his prey.  An ab stretch from Mark has Duke suffering but refusing to submit!  Duke manages to clamp on a Full Nelson, but it’s too little too late as Mark powers out of it and catches the rookie in a picture-perfect front bearhug, wedging Dukes trunks high up for good measure!

Fans of muscle worship and flexing matches will be in seventh heaven with this one – add it to your collection today and get ready with the pause button!