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Muscle Mark puts Eagle into a chicken wing at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Mark Muscle vs Eagle - Vegas Battles 34

$ 17.99
$ 23.49

Power vs Aesthetics!

“You can’t get much better than natural beauty. Like me.”

Mark Muscle is in a Vegas hotel room, looking out over the water and admiring the impressive view when he’s joined by Eagle.  The fan-favourite too admires the view, although Mark Muscle seems to think that Eagle should be admiring him instead!  Few words are exchanged as the tension ratchets up – both men know what’s coming.  It’s inevitable, like a runaway train – just a matter of time before this powder keg of muscle explodes!  Eagle starts flexing his incredible arms, comparing his defined muscle to Mark’s hulking size.  Eagle keeps (literally!) poking the bear, flexing and showing off his quads – the dangerous and deadly pillars of muscle that have put so many opponents away!  Mark Muscle turns to show off his back, giving Eagle the opening he’s been waiting for!  Clamping on a rear bearhug, Eagle squeezes with all his might – but the huge bodybuilder is unfazed!  Mark Muscle grabs Eagle’s wrists, pulling with all his muscle until Eagle’s grip is broken!  The ripped musclestud is bewildered – “What just happened?”  Eagle tries again, this time grabbing Mark’s arm and twisting it behind his back!  Eagle drives Mark down, pinning him in place and flexing over him.  But Mark Muscle practically shrugs Eagle off!  Eagle tries yet another gambit, jumping up onto Mark’s back and slapping on a tight sleeper hold – Mark’s face turns red as he struggles but again, he rebounds!  Mark Muscle decides it’s time to turn the tables, grabbing Eagle’s thick arm in a hammerlock before switching to a devastating Full Nelson!  Eagle is on display as he struggle to escape the vice-like grip!  Mark humiliates Eagle, literally sitting on him, crushing the superstar under his granite glutes!  A shot to the abs gets Eagle a chokelift in retaliation!  Mark lifts him high, SLAMMING him hard against the wall, choking the life out of him!  When he eventually lets go, Eagle slowly crumbles to the floor in pain – this is new territory for him!  Eagle clutches his throat, trying to recover from the brutal treatment – but Mark isn’t interested in mercy, following up with not one but TWO more chokes!  Eagle tries to crawl away, but Mark stalks him and traps him again in a standing head scissor – amazing quads can’t help you if you’re the one who’s trapped!  Eagle tries to clear his head and pulls himself to his feet.  Now he’s mad and launches himself butt-first at Mark, using his trunk-clad glutes as a Weapon of Ass Destruction before wrapping his BULGING arms around Mark’s head!  Eagle’s pecs twitch as he squeezes Mark’s head with all his might!  Eagle presses his advantage, switching to a Dragon Sleeper to try and put the big man away!

Can Eagle keep the momentum and claim victory?  Can Mark Muscle power out and get his revenge?  Add this Vegas muscle match to your collection today!